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VirtualBox 4.3.28 发布,开源虚拟机
李玉珏 2015年05月17日

VirtualBox 4.3.28 发布,开源虚拟机

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VirtualBox 4.3.28 发布了,这是一个维护版本. 修复了下述的项目:

  • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation when rebooting certain guests (for example Solaris doing fast reboot) by fixing the implementation for INIT IPI

  • VMM: added some information for diagnosing rare VERR_VMX_INVALID_VMXON_PTR Guru Meditations (VT-x only)

  • GUI: HID LEDs sync: prevent synchronization if VM window has no focus (Windows and Mac OS X hosts only)

  • GUI: fixed drag and drop moving the cursor between guest screens on certain hosts

  • 3D: fixed a crash on restoring the VM state on X11 hosts (bug #12737)

  • 3D: fixed a crash on Linux guest shutdown (bug #12772)

  • VRDP: fixed incompatibility with rdesktop 1.8.3

  • VRDP: fixed listening for IPv6 on some systems (bug #14038)

  • Storage: don't crash if creating an asynchronous I/O context fails (e.g. when starting many VMs) and show a proper error message

  • Floppy: several fixes

  • Audio: improved the behavior of the volume control for the HD audio device emulation

  • USB: increase the number of supported drivers from 3 to 5 (Windows hosts only)

  • PS/2 keyboard: synchronize the LED state on VM restore (Windows and Mac OS X hosts only)

  • NAT Network: when running multiple NAT networks with multiple VMs, only stop the respective services when stopping VMs (bug #14090)

  • NAT: don't kill UDP bindings on ICMP errors (bug #13475)

  • NAT: bandwidth limit now works properly with NAT (bug #11485)

  • BIOS: fixed the returned size value of the VBE 2.0 PMI function 0Ah (4.2.0 regression; bug #14096)

  • Guest Control: fixed parameter quoting in Windows guests (bug #13157)

  • Webcam passthrough improvements for Linux (V4L2) hosts to support more webcam models

  • API: don't fail starting a VM with VBOX_E_INVALID_OBJECT_STATE under certain conditions (bug #13617)

  • API: be more verbose on VBOX_E_INVALID_OBJECT_STATE if a medium is attached to a running VM (bug #13560)

  • API: fixed a bug which could result in losing certain screen resize events with multi-monitor guests

  • rdesktop-vrdp: fixed path to the keymaps (bug #12066)

  • rdesktop-vrdp: switch to version 1.8.3

  • Windows hosts: more hardening fixes (e.g. bugs #14051, #14052)

  • Linux hosts: another fix for activated SMAP on Linux 3.19 and newer (Broadwell and later; bug #13961)

  • Linux hosts: Linux 4.1 compile fix (bug #14081)

  • Solaris hosts: fixed using of VNIC templates with Crossbow based bridged networking to be compatible with vanity interface names

  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed crash during VM termination under rare circumstances

  • Windows Additions/WDDM: improved video memory utilization and allow more/bigger guest screens with large resolutions (including HiDPI)

  • X11 Additions: prevent flickering when updating mouse cursor

  • Solaris Additions: fixed incorrect usage of 'prtconf' while installing Guest Additions (Solaris 10 only)

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昨晚 才装了一个 ,win7 下 启动不了 RED hat 。不知何故
bug太多,换Vmware 了


Before version 4.0, there were two editions of VirtualBox: a full binary containing all features and an "Open Source Edition" (OSE) with source code. With version 4.0, there is only one version any more, which is open source, and the closed-source components have been moved to a separate extension pack.
卸载VirtualBox 4.2,安装VirtualBox 4.3:
sudo dpkg -P virtualbox-4.2
sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-4.3.deb

less 可见这个脚本是使用Makeself 2.1.5制作的.