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GitLab 7.11.0 RC2 发布,代码托管平台
oschina 2015年05月16日

GitLab 7.11.0 RC2 发布,代码托管平台

oschina oschina 发布于2015年05月16日 收藏 5 评论 6

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GitLab 7.11.0 RC2 发布,此版本现已提供下载:

GitLab 7.11.0 RC1 是昨天发布的:)

GitLab 7.11.0 更新内容如下:

  - Fix broken view when viewing history of a file that includes a path that used to be another file (Stan Hu)
  - Don't show duplicate deploy keys
  - Fix commit time being displayed in the wrong timezone in some cases (Hannes Rosenögger)
  - Make the first branch pushed to an empty repository the default HEAD (Stan Hu)
  - Fix broken view when using a tag to display a tree that contains git submodules (Stan Hu)
  - Make Reply-To config apply to change e-mail confirmation and other Devise notifications (Stan Hu)
  - Add application setting to restrict user signups to e-mail domains (Stan Hu)
  - Don't allow a merge request to be merged when its title starts with "WIP".
  - Add a page title to every page.
  - Allow primary email to be set to an email that you've already added.
  - Fix Error 500 when searching Wiki pages (Stan Hu)
  - Get Gitorious importer to work again.
  - Fix clone URL field and X11 Primary selection (Dmitry Medvinsky)
  - Ignore invalid lines in .gitmodules
  - Fix "Cannot move project" error message from popping up after a successful transfer (Stan Hu)
  - Redirect to sign in page after signing out.
  - Fix "Hello @username." references not working by no longer allowing usernames to end in period.
  - Fix "Revspec not found" errors when viewing diffs in a forked project with submodules (Stan Hu)
  - Improve project page UI
  - Fix broken file browsing with relative submodule in personal projects (Stan Hu)
  - Fix DB error when trying to tag a repository (Stan Hu)
  - Add "Reply quoting selected text" shortcut key (`r`)
  - Fix bug causing `@whatever` inside an issue's first code block to be picked up as a user mention.
  - Fix bug causing `@whatever` inside an inline code snippet (backtick-style) to be picked up as a user mention.
  - When use change branches link at MR form - save source branch selection instead of target one
  - Improve handling of large diffs
  - Added GitLab Event header for project hooks
  - Add Two-factor authentication (2FA) for GitLab logins
  - Show Atom feed buttons everywhere where applicable.
  - Add project activity atom feed.
  - Don't crash when an MR from a fork has a cross-reference comment from the target project on one of its commits.
  - Include commit comments in MR from a forked project.
  - Fix adding new group members from admin area
  - Group milestones by title in the dashboard and all other issue views.
  - Query issues, merge requests and milestones with their IID through API (Julien Bianchi)
  - Add default project and snippet visibility settings to the admin web UI.
  - Show incompatible projects in Google Code import status (Stan Hu)
  - Fix bug where commit data would not appear in some subdirectories (Stan Hu)
  - Unescape branch names in compare commit (Stan Hu)
  - Task lists are now usable in comments, and will show up in Markdown previews.
  - Fix bug where avatar filenames were not actually deleted from the database during removal (Stan Hu)
  - Fix bug where Slack service channel was not saved in admin template settings. (Stan Hu)
  - Protect OmniAuth request phase against CSRF.
  - Move snippets UI to fluid layout
  - Improve UI for sidebar. Increase separation between navigation and content
  - Improve new project command options (Ben Bodenmiller)
  - Add common method to force UTF-8 and use it to properly handle non-ascii OAuth user properties (Onur Küçük)
  - Prevent sending empty messages to HipChat (Chulki Lee)
  - Improve UI for mobile phones on dashboard and project pages
  - Add room notification and message color option for HipChat
  - Allow to use non-ASCII letters and dashes in project and namespace name. (Jakub Jirutka)
  - Add footnotes support to Markdown (Guillaume Delbergue)
  - Add current_sign_in_at to UserFull REST api.
  - Make Sidekiq MemoryKiller shutdown signal configurable
  - Add "Create Merge Request" buttons to commits and branches pages and push event.
  - Show user roles by comments.
  - Fix automatic blocking of auto-created users from Active Directory.
  - Call merge request web hook for each new commits (Arthur Gautier)
  - Use SIGKILL by default in Sidekiq::MemoryKiller
  - Fix mentioning of private groups.
  - Add style for <kbd> element in markdown
  - Spin spinner icon next to "Checking for CI status..." on MR page.
  - Fix reference links in dashboard activity and ATOM feeds.
  - Ensure that the first added admin performs repository imports

开源中国代码托管平台 就是基于 GitLab 项目搭建。

GitLab是一个利用 Ruby on Rails 开发的开源应用程序,实现一个自托管的Git项目仓库,可通过Web界面进行访问公开的或者私人项目。


GitLab 5.0以前版本要求服务器端采用 Gitolite 搭建,5.0版本以后不再使用 Gitolite ,采用自己开发的 gitlab-shell 来实现。如果你觉得安装麻烦可以使用 GitLab Installers 一键安装程序。


  • Ubuntu/Debian

  • ruby 1.9.3+

  • mysql or postgresql

  • git

  • gitlab-shell

  • redis

  • Sidekiq

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