Stem 1.4 发布,Python 的 Tor 控制器库

发布于 2015年05月14日
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Stem 1.4 发布,此版本带来了新的隐藏服务能力,并且可以直接在 Python 2 和 Python 3 的环境下运行,不需要进行转换,详细更新情况如下:


  • Added Controller methods for a new style of hidden services that don't touch disk:

  • list_ephemeral_hidden_services(), create_ephemeral_hidden_service(), and

  • remove_ephemeral_hidden_service() (spec)

  • Added get_hidden_service_descriptor() and support for HS_DESC_CONTENT events (ticket 14847, spec)

  • launch_tor_with_config() avoids writing a temporary torrc to disk if able (ticket 13865)

  • CircuitEvent support for the new SOCKS_USERNAME and SOCKS_PASSWORD arguments (ticket 14555, spec)

  • The 'strict' argument of can_exit_to() didn't behave as documented (ticket 14314)

  • Threads spawned for status change listeners were never joined on, potentially causing noise during interpreter shutdown

  • Added support for specifying the authentication type and client names in create_hidden_service() (ticket 14320)


  • Lazy-loading descriptors, improving performance by 25-70% depending on what type it is (ticket 14011)

  • Added support for hidden service descriptors (ticket 15004)

  • When reading sanitised bridge descriptors (server or extrainfo), parse_file() treated the whole file as a single descriptor

  • The DirectoryAuthority 'fingerprint' attribute was actually its 'v3ident'

  • Added consensus' new package attribute (spec)

  • Added extra info' new hs_stats_end, hs_rend_cells, hs_rend_cells_attr, hs_dir_onions_seen, and hs_dir_onions_seen_attr attributes (spec)

  • Updating Faravahar's address (ticket 14487)


  • Windows support for connection resolution (ticket 14844)

  • stem.util.connection.port_usage() always returned None (ticket 14046)

  • stylistic_issues() and pyflakes_issues() now provide namedtuples that also includes the line

  • Added stem.util.system.tail()

  • Proc connection resolution could fail on especially busy systems (ticket 14048)


  • Added support and instructions for tox (ticket 14091)

  • Added OSX to our download page (ticket 8588)

  • Updated our twitter example to work with the service's 1.1 API (ticket 9003)


Stem 是基于 Tor 的 Python 控制器库,可以使用 Tor 的控制协议来对 Tor 进程进行脚本处理或者构建。

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