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ccache 3.2.2 发布,高速的 C/C++编译工具
oschina 2015年05月14日

ccache 3.2.2 发布,高速的 C/C++编译工具

oschina oschina 发布于2015年05月14日 收藏 7 评论 2

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ccache 3.2.2 发布,此版本主要包括以下更新:


  • Added support for CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK=string:<value>. This is a faster alternative to CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK=<command> if the command’s output can be precalculated by the build system.

  • Add support for caching code coverage results (compiling for gcov).

Bug 修复:

  • Fixed bug which could result in false cache hits when source code contains '"' followed by " /*" or " //" (with variations).

  • Made hash of cached result created with and without CCACHE_CPP2 different. This makes it possible to rebuild with CCACHE_CPP2 set without having to clear the cache to get new results.

  • Don’t try to reset a non-existing stats file. This avoids “No such file or directory” messages in the ccache log when the cache directory doesn’t exist.

  • Fixed a bug where ccache deleted clang diagnostics after compiler failures.

  • Avoid performing an unnecessary copy of the object file on a cache miss.

  • Bail out on too hard compiler option -fmodules.

  • Bail out on too hard compiler option -fplugin=libcc1plugin (interaction with GDB).

  • Fixed build error when compiling ccache with recent clang versions.

  • Removed signal-unsafe code from signal handler.

  • Corrected logic for when to output cached stderr.

  • Wipe the whole cached result on failure retrieving a cached file.

  • Fixed build error when compiling ccache with recent clang versions.



ccache(“compiler cache”的缩写)是一个编译器缓存,该工具会高速缓存编译生成的信息,并在编译的特定部分使用高速缓存的信息, 比如头文件,这样就节省了通常使用 cpp 解析这些信息所需要的时间。如果您编译清单 2 中的文件,假定          foobar.h 中包含对其他头文件的引用,ccache 会用那个文件的 cpp-parsed 版本来 取代          include 声明。就那么简单。不是真正去读取、理解并解释其内容,ccache 只是 将最终的文本拷贝到文件中,使得它可以立即被编译。

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