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XWiki 6.4.5 发布,Java 的 Wiki 系统
oschina 2015年05月12日

XWiki 6.4.5 发布,Java 的 Wiki 系统

oschina oschina 发布于2015年05月12日 收藏 14 评论 0


XWiki 6.4.5 发布,这是一个稳定版本并且修复了几个重要的Bug,此版本主要有以下更新:

  • send() Scripting API doesn't wait for the mail to be sent before returning

  • Discard mail statuses for successful sends property is lost when saving the Send Mail Admin UI page

  • Attachment name is incorrect in Content-disposition header

  • Setting recipients using setRecipients() doesn't work

  • Improvement Closed XWIKI-12060 Allow setting velocity variables other than strings

  • The execution context for the prepare/send message step is empty (except for the wiki ID)

  • HQL queries in DBList need to be lowercase

  • sending mail settings : wrong default smtp port and password

  • Global Administration wrong displayed when using Czech language

  • Missing fullscreen icon when using the NL language

  • WYSIWYG doesn't load after adding a Freemind Macro on FF36

  • Links with rel="__blank" don't open in a new page when we are in inline edit mode




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