PC-BSD 10.1.2 RC1 发布,桌面 BSD 系统

发布于 2015年05月11日
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PC-BSD 10.1.2 RC1 发布了,改进记录包括:

  • New PersonaCrypt Utility allows moving all of users $HOME directory to an encrypted USB Drive. This drive can be connected at login, and used across different systems

  • Stealth Mode allows login to a blank $HOME directory, which is encrypted with a one-time GELI key. This $HOME directory is then discarded at logout, or rendered unreadable after a reboot

  • Tor mode switches the firewall to running transparent proxy, blocking all traffic except what is routed through Tor

  • Migrated to IPFW firewall for enabling VIMAGE in 10.2

  • Added sound configuration via the first boot utility

  • Support for encrypted iSCSI backups via Life-Preserver, including support for bare-metal restores via installer media

  • New HTML handbook, updated via normal package updates

  • Media Center support allowing direct login to Kodi and PlexHomeTheater for the 10ft user experience

  • Switch to new AppCafe interface, with remote support via web-browser

  • Improvements to Online Updater, along with GRUB nested menus for Boot-Environments

  • Migrate all ports to using LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL

  • Switch from NTP to OpenNTPD

  • Lumina desktop 0.8.4

  • Chromium 42.0.2311.90

  • Firefox 37.0.2

  • NVIDIA Driver 346.47

  • Pkg 1.5.1


PC-BSD的目标是成为易于安装和使用的桌面操作系统,它基于FreeBSD。为达到此目标,它准备了一套图形化的安装程序,这将使得即便是 UNIX新 手也能容易地安装并使得它运行起来。PC-BSD还将装备KDE,以提供即刻可用的桌面。目前正在开发的是一套图形化的软件安装管理程序,这将使得安装预 编译好的软件变得像其他流行操作系统一样方便。

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