Barman 1.4.1 发布,PostgreSQL 备份和恢复管理器

发布于 2015年05月06日
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Barman 1.4.1 发布,修复较明显bug

  • Fix for WAL archival stop working if first backup is EMPTY (Closes:    #64)

  • Fix exception during error handling in Barman recovery (Closes:    #65)

  • After a backup, limit cron activity to WAL archiving only (Closes:    #62)

  • Improved robustness and error reporting of the "backup delete"    command (Closes: #63)

  • Fix computation of WAL production ratio as reported in the    "show-backup" command

  • Improved management of xlogb file, which is now correctly fsynced    when updated. Also, the "rebuild-xlogdb" command now operates on a    temporary new file, which overwrites the main one when finished.

  • Add unit tests for dateutil module compatibility

  • Modified Barman version following PEP 440 rules and added support of  tests in Python 3.4

此版本现已提供下载:Download barman-1.4.1.tar.gz (122.0 kB)


Barman (备份和恢复管理器) for PostgreSQL 是 PostgreSQL 数据库服务器的灾难恢复工具,允许远程备份多个服务器,帮助 DBA 在数据恢复阶段的关键工作。

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