Hibernate Search 5.2.0.Beta1 发布

发布于 2015年04月21日
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Hibernate Search 5.2.0.Beta1 发布了,该版本最值得关注的改进就是支持多租户。多租户这个概率来源于 Hibernate ORM,但 Hibernate Search 之前不允许你使用,因为它不会在全文本查询中应用相同的隔离。现在我们实现了这个特性,使用非常简单,请看 这里


** Bug
    * [HSEARCH-1684] - ResultTransformer ignores transformList on tuples
    * [HSEARCH-1793] - CriteriaObjectInitializer causes too many object loads in cross hierarchy queries
    * [HSEARCH-1804] - Boost on IndexedEmbedded properties
    * [HSEARCH-1811] - Wildcard with multiple fields
    * [HSEARCH-1824] - Hot-restarting a mutable SearchFactory has it "forget" the previously defined FilterDef and Analyzers
    * [HSEARCH-1825] - NullEncodingTwoWayFieldBridge doesn't set the null marker when used as a FieldBridge
    * [HSEARCH-1836] - Avoid NPE in NullEncodingTwoWayFieldBridge for non existing fields

** Improvement
    * [HSEARCH-655] - Implements the FuturTask.cancel function in the MassIndexer
    * [HSEARCH-1356] - Refactor WorkVisitor to match more the expectations on a Visitor pattern
    * [HSEARCH-1762] - Improve javadocs of builtin bridges
    * [HSEARCH-1831] - Correcting various typos in the documentation
    * [HSEARCH-1850] - Avoid extending Startable and Stoppable interfaces as part of a Service contract

** New Feature
    * [HSEARCH-1765] - Add support for deleting by Query
    * [HSEARCH-1792] - Support multi-tenancy
    * [HSEARCH-1837] - Allow Integrators to customize default directory providers for shortcuts

** Task
    * [HSEARCH-1773] - org.hibernate.search.backend.impl.WorkVisitor not exported by engine osgi bundle
    * [HSEARCH-1835] - Fix typo in javadoc of @Spatial
    * [HSEARCH-1841] - Refactor DeleteByQuerySupport
    * [HSEARCH-1843] - Bump hibernate search module slot name to "5.2"
    * [HSEARCH-1845] - Upgrade to Pax Exam 4.4.0 to improve port allocation during tests

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