MyFaces Core 2.2.8 发布,JSF 框架

编辑: oschina
2015-04-17 00:00:00

MyFaces Core 2.2.8 发布,现已提供下载

此版本 Bug 修复如下:

    [MYFACES-3233] - f:ajax event - type="javax.el.ValueExpression
(must evaluate to java.lang.String)" not supported
    [MYFACES-3947] - Passthrough Element textarea doesn't work
    [MYFACES-3948] - Wrong check of facelets libraries last
modification time in FacesConfigurator
    [MYFACES-3949] - javax.faces.ViewState autocomplete
    [MYFACES-3951] - Action not performed on first click
    [MYFACES-3956] - ResourceHandler.libraryExists(...) does not work
for resource library contracts
    [MYFACES-3960] - AjaxBehaviorEvent should be queued before ActionEvent
    [MYFACES-3964] - c:foreach not working when using custom equals or
non serializable objects
    [MYFACES-3965] - SKIP_ITERATION visit hint not set when component
tree is visited during navigation
    [MYFACES-3966] - Setting oamEnableViewPool="false" causes
NullPointerException in ViewPoolProcessor.pushPartialView()
    [MYFACES-3967] - View Pooling - ViewScope missing for Static Structure Views
    [MYFACES-3969] - Flow initalizer called before inbound parameters are set
    [MYFACES-3970] - topic Each <contract-mapping> element
can have one or more <contract> elements.
    [MYFACES-3973] - <partial-response> element does not contain an
"id" attribute
    [MYFACES-3974] - Ajax delay attribute with a value of "none" does not work
    [MYFACES-3975] - PreClearFlashEvent called on every JSF request
regardless of Flash use
    [MYFACES-3976] - f:viewAction phase attribute reverts to INVOKE_APPLICATION
    [MYFACES-3977] - 12.1.3 add this text to the

MyFaces是 JSF (JavaServerFaces) Web框架 (JSR 127)的一个实现。JavaServer(tm) Faces Web框架是一个新的实现MVC模式的规范。

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