Apache Sentry 1.5.0 发布

发布于 2015年04月16日
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Apache Sentry 是一个加强的细粒度的基于角色的授权系统,针对存储在 Hadoop 集群中的数据和元数据。

Apache Sentry 1.5.0 发布,此版本更新内容如下:


[SENTRY-74] - Add column-level privileges for Hive/Impala
[SENTRY-331] - Add more granular privileges to the DBModel
[SENTRY-355] - Support metadata read privilege enforcement for Metastore pluging
[SENTRY-398] - Create the generic authorization model in Sentry
[SENTRY-477] - Sentry service should expose metrics
[SENTRY-478] - Solr Sentry plug-in integration with DB store
[SENTRY-501] - High availability for the SENTRY service(Zookeeper part)
[SENTRY-614] - Add authentication and simple authorization support to SentryWebserver

[SENTRY-31] - Enabling audit logs like HS2 impersonation
[SENTRY-179] - Generate audit trail for Sentry DBStore service actions
[SENTRY-326] - Add support for Hive 0.13
[SENTRY-327] - Support auth admin delegation via SQL construct 'with grant option'
[SENTRY-358] - Sentry service API to grant prvilege should return newly created privilege object
[SENTRY-359] - Support Sentry service API to retrieve applicable privileges for a given authorizable object
[SENTRY-417] - Allow all users "Show role GRANT" as long as they belong to that group
[SENTRY-420] - TestMovingtoProduction fails on real cluster
[SENTRY-422] - The URI object handling needs to be more robust
[SENTRY-471] - When running the command "mvn eclipse:eclipse", the sentry shouldn't default download the javadocs and source jars
[SENTRY-507] - Ban additional configs in getConfigVal()
[SENTRY-517] - MSCK REPAIR TABLE statements are not authorized
[SENTRY-572] - Upgrade solr version to 4.10.2
[SENTRY-574] - Add Sentry solr handler
[SENTRY-578] - Print detail error for TestHDFSIntegration when test failed
[SENTRY-598] - Hive binding should support enforcing URI privilege for transforms
[SENTRY-617] - Improve grant role to groups
[SENTRY-650] - Support drop privilege for truncate table


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