RubyMine 7.1 发布,改进 Puppet

发布于 2015年04月16日
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RubyMine 7.1 发布,此版本改进了 Puppet,更好的支持 JavaScript 和 CoffeeSript

RubyMine 7.1 正式发布,现已提供下载

此版本主要是集成了 Puppet,用来管理项目基础设施,同时改进编码和 Web 开发体验。

Puppet 支持

改进 Puppet 插件,新增了一些特性和改进:

  • Supports all the major language features of Puppet 4

  • Resolves externally defined symbols such as facts, functions and types

  • Additionally supports Puppet environments by defining a separate module path for each environment and automatically synchronizing the current environment with the git branch

Web 开发

众所周知,RubyMine 是 IntelliJ 系列的产品,这些共享架构可以同时拥有多个 IDE 的优势,此版本集成了很多 WebStorm 10 的特性,改进你的 Web 开发体验:

  • Better CoffeeScript with ?= operator supported, better navigation and formatter, and improved support for destructuring arrays and objects

  • Completely reworked support for JavaScript large code bases and lots of enhancements in ECMAScript 6 support

  • Support for TypeScript 1.4 union types, let and const keywords, as well as TypeScript 1.5 decorators and ES6 modules; compiling to JS code with all the errors highlighted in the editor on the fly within built-in compiler



  • The family of Move refactorings (Refactor|Move) is now enriched with long-awaited support for Ruby classes and modules

  • A new inspection warns you if a new variable name is already in use while you apply the Rename refactoring

  • Simultaneous HTML tag editing lets you edit just the opening HTML tag while RubyMine takes care of the closing one

  • Distraction-free mode—a minimalistic UI with no toolbars, tool windows or tabs—is available when you need to fully focus on code and nothing else

  • Scratch files can now be accessed and managed from the new Scratches tab


  • The debugger now works with Ruby 2.2.x

  • Vagrant commands are executed faster thanks to cached Vagrant ssh-config

  • Phusion Passenger 5 (codenamed “Raptor”) is supported

  • HiDPI support for Windows and Linux

  • The Welcome screen and New Project wizard are now clearer and friendlier


Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

RubyMine 是一个全新的为Ruby 和 Rails开发者准备的 IDE (非开源且收费),RubyMine由 JetBrains 开发(JetBrains最著名的产品之一就是Java IDE:IntellJ IDEA了!)。RubyMine是建立在IntellJ IDEA平台之上,提供所有必须的IDE功能,比如编辑,调试工具,源代码控制集成,代码自动提示完成,以及其他功能。专门为ruby打造的功能有基于 GUI 支持的 RSpec 和 Test::Unit。

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