TortoiseGit 发布,Git 客户端

编辑: oschina
2015-04-13 00:00:00

TortoiseGit 发布,此版本更新内容如下:


  • Fixed  issue #2441 : A way to disable the sound that is played on errors

  • Updated shipped TortoiseGitPlink and putty binaries to version 0.64

  • If you are still using TortoisePlink, please switch to TortoiseGitPlink.
  • Fixed  issue #2466 : TortoiseGitUDiff tool cannot be localized

  • TGitCache: Improve reaction time for propagating changes to explorer

  • Fixed  issue #2031 : Missing option to disable displaying "FETCH_HEAD" in "Switch/Checkout" dialog box

  • Log, RepoBrowser, and Rebase Dialogs: Allow to compare arbitrary files across commits

  • Fixed issue #2534: Use the current time for amending commit (also sets commit time)

  • TortoiseGitBlame: Implemented search forward (F3) and search backward (Shift+F3)

  • Allow to compare file with deleted file in CommitDlg (e.g., useful for renames)

  • Allow to use Explorer context menu options from TortoiseGit context menu

  • Sort remotes logically/case-insensitively

Bug 修复

  • Fixed  issue #2427 : "Submodule of Project: " cannot be localized

  • Fixed  issue #2432 : MessageBox buttons cannot be localized

  • Fixed  issue #2433 : Cannot see the log in Diff with previous version

  • Fixed  issue #2453 : The overlay icon of commited files in a submodule named with chinese characters is unversioned icon

  • Fixed  issue #2455 : "Diff with ..." menu cannot be localized

  • Fixed  issue #2431 : Add fails in submodule after upgrade from 1.8.12 to 1.8.13

  • Fixed  issue #2449 : wrong column info in tag reference dialog

  • Fixed  issue #2436 : Overlay icons gradually disappear or show files as unversioned after a short time

  • Fixed  issue #2374 : Rebase option in config not working anymore for pull

  • Fixed  issue #1440 : Different status of modifed renamed or moved files in Show log dialog, Check for Modifications dialog and Commit dialog

  • Fixed  issue #1501 : Unchanged files appears modified in Show Log dialog

  • Fixed  issue #2477 : Change "Split commit" label to "Edit/Split commit" in Rebase dlg

  • Fixed  issue #2481 : "Start registry editor" does not work properly in non-English locales

  • Fixed  issue #2480 : CommitDlg: auto-complete doesnt include removed items

  • Fixed  issue #2451 : Cleanup fails quietly if file is in use

  • Various bugfixes based on our newly added unit tests

  • Not all remotes showing in Push/Pull/Fetch/Sync dialogs (was limited to 25)


TortoiseGit (海龟Git)是TortoiseSVNGit版本,tortoisegit用于迁移TortoiseSVN到TortoiseGit,一直以来Git在Windows平台没有好用GUI客户端,现在tortoisegit的出现给Windows开发者带来福音。

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