Apache Solr 4.10.3 发布,开源的企业级搜索服务器

发布于 2015年04月09日
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Apache Solr 4.10.3 发布,该版本修复了 21 个 bug,同时修复了 Lucene 4.10.3 中的 12 个 bug 。

Bug 修复:

  1. SOLR-6696: bin/solr start script should not enable autoSoftCommit by default

  2. SOLR-6704: TrieDateField type drops schema properties in branch 4.10
    (Tomás Fernández Löbbe)

  3. SOLR-6679: Remove suggester component from stock solrconfig.xml since it caused long startup times on lage indexes even when it wasn't used.

  4. SOLR-6662: better validation when parsing command-line options that expect a value
    (Timothy Potter)

  5. SOLR-6705: Better strategy for dealing with JVM specific options in the start scripts; remove -XX:+AggressiveOpts and only set -XX:-UseSuperWord for Java 1.7u40 to u51.
    (Uwe Schindler, janhoy, hossman, Timothy Potter)

  6. SOLR-6738: Admin UI - Escape Data on Plugins-View

  7. SOLR-6085: Suggester crashes when prefixToken is longer than surface form

  8. SOLR-6323: ReRankingQParserPlugin cleaner paging and fix bug with fuzzy, range and other queries that need to be re-written.
    (Adair Kovac, Joel Bernstein)

  9. SOLR-6684: Fix-up /export JSON.
    (Joel Bernstein)

  10. SOLR-6732: Fix handling of leader-initiated recovery state was String in older versions and is now a JSON map, caused backwards compatibility issues when doing rolling upgrades of a live cluster while indexing
    (Timothy Potter)

  11. SOLR-6781: BBoxField didn't support dynamic fields.
    (David Smiley)

  12. SOLR-6784: BBoxField's 'score' mode should have been optional.
    (David Smiley)

  13. SOLR-6510: The collapse QParser would throw a NPE when used on a DocValues field on an empty segment/index.
    (Christine Poerschke, David Smiley)

  14. SOLR-2927: Solr does not unregister all mbeans upon exception in constructor causing memory leaks.
    (tom liu, Sharath Babu, Cyrille Roy, shalin)

  15. SOLR-6685: ConcurrentModificationException in Overseer Status API.

  16. SOLR-6706: /update/json/docs throws RuntimeException if a nested structure contains a non-leaf float field
    (Noble Paul, shalin)

  17. SOLR-6610: Slow startup of new clusters because ZkController.publishAndWaitForDownStates always times out.
    (Jessica Cheng Mallet, shalin, Noble Paul)

  18. SOLR-6726: better strategy for selecting the JMX RMI port based on SOLR_PORT in bin/solr script
    (Timothy Potter)

  19. SOLR-6795: distrib.singlePass returns score even though not asked for.
    (Per Steffensen via shalin)

  20. SOLR-6796: distrib.singlePass does not return correct set of fields for multi-fl-parameter requests.
    (Per Steffensen via shalin)

  21. SOLR-6776: Transaction log was not flushed at the end of update requests with softCommit specified, which could lead to data loss if the server were killed immediately after the update finished.
    (Jeffery Yuan via yonik)


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Apache Solr 是一个基于Apache Lucene 的开源的企业级搜索服务器,它具有以下功能:支持 XML/HTTP协议 ;支持 JSON API 接口;支持缓存、复制;具有Web管理界面;可以在 Java servlet 容器中运行。

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