Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.1.8 发布,内容管理

发布于 2015年04月08日
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Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.1.8 发布,此版本主要有以下更新:


    [OAK-1941] - RDB: decide on table layout
    [OAK-2395] - RDB: MS SQL Server support
    [OAK-2494] - Shared DataStore GC support for S3DataStore
    [OAK-2580] - Metatype info for DocumentNodeStoreService
    [OAK-2581] - Metatype info for SegmentNodeStoreService
    [OAK-2628] - RDB: convenience tool for dumping table creation
    [OAK-2637] - update Postgres JDBC version to 9.4


    [OAK-1589] - MongoDocumentStore fails to report error for keys
    that are too long
    [OAK-1641] - Mongo: Un-/CheckedExecutionException on
    replica-primary crash
    [OAK-1826] - Empty directories not cleaned up when gc run on
    [OAK-2301] - QueryEngine should not tokenize fulltext expression
    by default
    [OAK-2384] - SegmentNotFoundException when keeping JCR Value
    [OAK-2420] - DocumentNodeStore revision GC may lead to NPE
    [OAK-2497] - Range query with incorrectly formatted date
    [OAK-2540] - Session operations null check
    [OAK-2549] - Persistent Cache: support append-only mode
    [OAK-2557] - VersionGC uses way too much memory if there is a
    large pile of garbage
    [OAK-2562] - DiffCache is inefficient
    [OAK-2566] - PropertyRestriction.isNotNullRestriction does not
    take "list" into account
    [OAK-2576] - ServiceEvent on each session login/logout
    [OAK-2577] - LuceneSupportTest fails
    [OAK-2582] - RDB: improve memory cache handling
    [OAK-2588] - MultiDocumentStoreTest.testInvalidateCache failing
    for Mongo
    [OAK-2603] - Failure in one of the batch in VersionGC might lead
    to orphaned nodes
    [OAK-2605] - Support for additional encodings needed in
    [OAK-2607] - OakSolrConfigurationProviderService wrongly uses
    ignoredProperties for usedProperties
    [OAK-2611] - Lucene suggester should only be updated if the index
    is used for suggestions
    [OAK-2612] - Findbugs plugin version should depend on JDK version
    [OAK-2615] - oak-pojosr tests fail
    [OAK-2616] - GCMonitorMBean#getRepositorySize reports incorrect
    [OAK-2639] - Incorrect check for log level in PerfLogger
    [OAK-2640] - export org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.atomic
    [OAK-2642] - DocumentNodeStore.dispose() may leave repository in
    an inconsistent state
    [OAK-2648] - ObservationTest.observationDispose() restarts
    repository after test finished
    [OAK-2649] - IndexCopier might create empty files in case of error
    occuring while copying
    [OAK-2666] - LMSEstimator update resetting weights
    [OAK-2670] - Online Backup of segment store fails on Windows
    because the journal file is locked exclusively.
    [OAK-2672] - Possible null pointer dereferences in
    [OAK-2691] - Blob GC throws NPE
    [OAK-2694] - Avoid unneeded unboxing in PropertiesUtil
    [OAK-2695] - DocumentNodeStore.dispatch() may pass null to


    [OAK-1666] - FileDataStore inUse map causes contention in
    concurrent env
    [OAK-2083] - Add metatype info for Document and Segment services
    [OAK-2234] - Support property existence query (for Lucene)
    [OAK-2262] - Add metadata about the changed value to a
    PROPERTY_CHANGED event on a multivalued property
    [OAK-2287] - ConflictHandler for merging jcr:lastModified
    [OAK-2413] - Clarify Editor.childNodeChanged()
    [OAK-2444] - Enable the persistent cache by default
    [OAK-2468] - Index binary only if some Tika parser can support the
    binaries mimeType
    [OAK-2499] - Expose mongo and db versions for reporting purposes
    [OAK-2500] - checkDeepHistory/fixDeepHistory/prepareDeepHistory
    for oak-mongo.js
    [OAK-2527] - Update SegmentMK header format definition
    [OAK-2529] - Index usage for "not equals" conditions
    [OAK-2563] - Cleanup and document security related error codes
    [OAK-2570] - Open indexes in IndexTracker non blocking way
    [OAK-2571] - Protect the persistent cache against Thread.interrupt
    [OAK-2572] - Include cache invalidation stats in logs related to
    background operations
    [OAK-2574] - Update mongo-java-driver to 2.13.0
    [OAK-2579] - RepositoryManager must not register
    WhiteboardExecutor with Oak
    [OAK-2585] - Set pauseCompaction default to false
    [OAK-2587] - observation processing too eager/unfair under load
    [OAK-2589] - Provide progress indication when reindexing is being
    [OAK-2590] - IndexCopier Error occurred while removing deleted
    files from Local
    [OAK-2591] - Invoke indexUpdate only when new Document are added
    in LuceneIndexEditor
    [OAK-2595] - High memory consumption of CompactionGainEstimate
    [OAK-2596] - more (jmx) instrumentation for observation queue
    [OAK-2597] - expose mongo's clusterNodes info more prominently
    [OAK-2601] - PerfLogger for NodeObserver.contentChanged()
    [OAK-2602] - [Solr] Cost calculation takes time with solr pings
    even when not fulfilling query
    [OAK-2608] - Avoid indexing user/group/uuid props by default
    [OAK-2614] - Timeout for MongoDB query
    [OAK-2624] - Move out non essential task processing from
    DocumentNodeStore background thread
    [OAK-2633] - Log document as debug message on conflict
    [OAK-2638] - Use message from causing exception in
    [OAK-2645] - Remove DOCUMENT_MK fixture (and related)
    [OAK-2654] - SegmentIdTable too eager to refresh
    [OAK-2668] - Ability to disable index hints for MongoDB
    [OAK-2671] - Persistent cache: use different files in tests
    [OAK-2680] - Report a full observation queue situation to the
    [OAK-2692] - Add description annotation to

New Feature

    [OAK-1849] - DataStore GC support for heterogeneous deployments
    using a shared datastore
    [OAK-2399] - Custom scorer for modifying score per documents
    [OAK-2530] - Support IS NULL based property restrictions in the
    query engine


    [OAK-2578] - Add Sling OSGi Mocks to parent pom
    [OAK-2583] - Use PerfLogger in DocumentNodeStoreBranch
    [OAK-2625] - Copy Jackrabbit 2 S3 related classes
    [OAK-2632] - Upgrade Jackrabbit dependency to 2.10.0
    [OAK-2653] - Deprecate ordered index
    [OAK-2664] - Move ProgressNotificationEditor from upgrade module
    to core
    [OAK-2693] - Retire oak-mk-remote




Apache Jackrabbit 是由 Apache Foundation 提供的 JSR-170 的开放源码实现..

随着内容管理应用程序的日益普及,对用于内容仓库的普通、标准化 API 的需求已凸现出来。Content Repository for Java Technology API (JSR-170) 的目标就是提供这样一个接口。JSR-170 的一个主要优点是,它不绑定到任何特定的底层架构。例如,JSR-170 实现的后端数据存储可以是文件系统、WebDAV 仓库、支持 XML 的系统,甚至还可以是 SQL 数据库。此外,JSR-170 的导出和导入功能允许一个集成器在内容后端与 JCR 实现之间无缝地切换。

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