Crate Data 0.47.8 发布,数据存储系统

发布于 2015年04月04日
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Crate Data 0.47.8 发布,此版本主要更新信息如下:

  • Updated crash to version 0.11.5 which contains the following changes:
       - Fixed an issue with pasting multi-line statements from clipboard.
       - Added argcomplete support. If argcomplete is available bash argument
    completion will work if argcomplete is loaded.

  • Fix: COPY FROM is now skipping empty lines.

  • Fix: allow more than 1k elements in the IN query

  • allow to use ANY expression to compare primitive values against an array literal

  • Fix an issue while analyzing nested aggregations.

  • Fix: ip type conversion did not allow NULL values

  • Fix: Grouping or sorting on a dynamically created column of a partitioned
    table could cause a NullPointerException

  • include jts and spatial4j in client jar in order to properly use
    the ``geopoint`` type

  • produce a crate-client with all dependencies included under the 'io.crate'
    package namespace in order to avoid conflicts

  • Fix: select queries querying for the primary key on custom schemas did now
    return the correct results

  • Fixed an issue that caused ``where somefield in (null)`` to match all rows

  • Fix: Do not shutdown the BulkShardProcessor while there are pending requests

  • Fix: The ``format`` scalar function now always uses Locale.ENGLISH

  • Fixed misleading error message for trying to group by invalid data type.



Crate Data 是一个开源的大规模的可伸缩的数据存储系统,无需任何系统管理需求。提供强大的搜索功能。用于存储各种表格数据、非结构化数据和二进制对象。并可通过 SQL 进行检索。易于安装和使用,支持高可用性和实时大规模并行访问和处理。


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