SonarQube JavaScript 2.4 发布

发布于 2015年04月03日
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SonarQube JavaScript 2.4 发布,此版本在侦测错误中新嵌入了15条规则。其主要更新信息如下:


  • [SONARJS-336] - Unable to resolve some path from lcov report

  • [SONARJS-337] - Show a warning when a file from LCOV report is not found

  • [SONARJS-338] - LCOV report is not integrated if contains paths with symlinks



  • [SONARJS-92] - Rule: Prohibit use of obsolete arguments.caller and arguments.callee

  • [SONARJS-321] - Rule: S2427/The base should be provided to "parseInt"

  • [SONARJS-340] - Rule: Console logging should not be used (S2228)

  • [SONARJS-341] - Rule: "defaults" should be a function when objects or arrays are used

  • [SONARJS-342] - Rule: The names of model properties should not contains spaces

  • [SONARJS-350] - Rule: Identical expressions should not be used on both sides of a binary operator (S1764)

  • [SONARJS-351] - Rule: Variables should not be self-assigned

  • [SONARJS-352] - Rule: Short-circuit logic should be used to prevent null pointer dereferences in conditionals

  • [SONARJS-353] - Rule: "NaN" should not be used in comparisons

  • [SONARJS-354] - Rule: "indexOf" checks should not be for positive numbers

  • [SONARJS-355] - Rule: Setters should not return values

  • [SONARJS-356] - Rule: A "for" loop update clause should move the counter in the right direction

  • [SONARJS-357] - Rule: Local variable should not shadowed "undefined"

  • [SONARJS-359] - Rule: Values should not be uselessly incremented

  • [SONARJS-360] - Rule: "for" loop incrementers should modify the variable being tested in the loop's stop condition


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