BlueMind 3.0.20 发布,消息协作平台

发布于 2015年03月30日
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BlueMind 3.0.20 发布,此版本是个稳定版本,现已提供下载



### Addressbook

- BM-4873 Fix: Contact and DList delete needed a refresh to be acknowledged

- SMILE-164 Fix: Use a less greedy mechanism to send error to server from JS

- MDP-221 Fix: Performance boost on contact sync

- SMILE-164: Refresh displayed contact list after dlist add/removal

- TLIB-223 Fix: performance boost on contacts tags loading.

### Calendar

- BM-4723 Fix: Prevent event / contact description with more than 1M chars

- HLM-42 Fix: Do not set an alert on organizer when organizer is a contact

- SMILE-164 Fix: Use a less greedy mechanism to send error to server from JS

- BM-4879 Fix: private flag was missing from DAV synchronization

### Instant Messaging

- Offline messages handling: message stanzas sent to recipients that are offline were discarded. Only subscribe/unsubcribe stanzas were handled (and replayed)

### Mobile devices

- BM-4843 Imp: now passing the Microsoft ActiveSync conformity test

- BM-4844 Fix: skip folders with space-only names in EAS hierarchy

### Administration Console

- BM-4858 Fix: don't crash when activating CAS by default

- BM-4859 Fix: from bm-checks does not fail when Tika is down

### Outlook Connector

- COAX-179 Imp: use a custom hashcode on event to avoid sending irrelevant Outlook modifications to server

### Authentication

- failures were missing in our influx usage data

### IMAP Proxy

- BM-3729 Revert: user creation from LDAP at first login is only possible through the browser: BM-3729 was causing memory leaks when using rich clients

- BM-4716 just close the connection when rejecting big messages

- BM-4716 prevent most buffer copies when dealing with big downloads

- REFLEX-27 Fix: allow authentication with an alias

- Imp: exception handling when connection is broken

- Imp: remove some buffer size specs as when we set them, because it seems to disable some internal dynamic sizing and slows down mail uploads

### Inter-process Message Queue

- COAX-170 Fix: prevent core out of memory error

### Misc

- TLIB-218: Fix: Now using an https URL for sockjs integration (for older browsers compatibility), which was detected as non-secure by IE9

Blue Mind 是一个 Java 开发的消息和协作平台,提供可伸缩的共享消息、日程、联系人,同时支持多个移动平台 (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)、Outlook 和 Thunderbird。设计简单,提供面向Web服务的插件架构。

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