Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.12 发布


Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.12 发布,此版本现已提供下载:http://jackrabbit.apache.org/downloads.html

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.12 是分支更新,包括 bug 修复和改进。

Oak 1.0.12 更新日志

Bug 修复

   [OAK-1709] - Diff cache entry too large
   [OAK-2294] - Corrupt repository after concurrent version operations
   [OAK-2346] -
InitializerTest.testInitializerMongoWithoutInitialContent() fails
   [OAK-2360] - IllegalStateException: OrderedPropertyIndex index is
used even when no index is available
   [OAK-2369] - DataStoreWrapperBackend not updated to latest
extensions added to Backend interface
   [OAK-2384] - SegmentNotFoundException when keeping JCR Value references
   [OAK-2389] - issues with JsopBuilder.encode and .escape
   [OAK-2449] - offline compaction (via oak-run) broken
   [OAK-2450] - MongoDocumentStore fails for DELETED_ONCE indexed property
   [OAK-2475] - Query Filter looses property constraints for multiple
and conditions for same property
   [OAK-2496] - InitializerTest failing with Mongo on 1.0 branch
   [OAK-2505] - Rows parameter is provided but the value is not taken
from configuration
   [OAK-2513] - algorithm with O(n!) in mongoMk rebase - not finishing in years
   [OAK-2515] - SolrQueryIndex blindly executes a 2nd query to check
there are no more results
   [OAK-2518] - backport DocumentStoreException to Oak 1.0
   [OAK-2528] - Entries in _commitRoot not purged
   [OAK-2532] - OSGiIT fails on 1.0 branch
   [OAK-2535] - TARMK Cold Standby allow cleanup on standby instance
   [OAK-2541] - TARMK Cold Standby marks the sync as stopped on first error
   [OAK-2558] - Wrong interpretation of SegmentNodeStoreService
configuration values
   [OAK-2559] - Lucene index rules should be case insensitive


   [OAK-1796] - Update Mongo Java Driver version to 2.12
   [OAK-2252] - make generic VersionGCSupport perform better
   [OAK-2340] - LucenePropertyIndex should support pure nodeType based query
   [OAK-2407] - Auto-refresh sessions on revision gc
   [OAK-2415] - Improve logging in repository migration in upgrade
   [OAK-2432] - Allow querying on jcr:primaryType property if that
property is indexed
   [OAK-2453] - Move MongoDiffCache to mongo package
   [OAK-2461] - Optimize access to pending _lastRev updates
   [OAK-2463] - Provide support for providing custom Tika config
   [OAK-2471] - Include index name in the log from LuceneIndexEditor
   [OAK-2501] - add more trace-logging to mongoMk to debug performance issues
   [OAK-2516] - Add user information in audit events in oak
   [OAK-2519] - remove CachingDocumentStore interface
   [OAK-2527] - Update SegmentMK header format definition
   [OAK-2529] - Index usage for "not equals" conditions
   [OAK-2534] - Add missing Apache Jackrabbit qualifiers to OSGi
services metatype
   [OAK-2546] - allow configuring subcaches of documentnodestore individually
   [OAK-2553] - Add builder to file store
   [OAK-2554] - Make AbstractServiceTracker.stop() idempotent
   [OAK-2568] - Ignore redundant IS NOT NULL constraints


   [OAK-2517] - Support IS NULL based property restrictions in
   [OAK-2530] - Support IS NULL based property restrictions in the query engine


   [OAK-2484] - Backport OAK-2319 to 1.0


   [OAK-2446] - make DELETEDONCE an indexed property
   [OAK-2506] - port RDB support back to Oak 1.0
   [OAK-2552] - Implement MBean monitoring garbage collection

请注意, DocumentNodeStore 后端的 RDB 支持只是试验性的,不能用在生产环境。


Apache Jackrabbit 是由 Apache Foundation 提供的 JSR-170 的开放源码实现..

随着内容管理应用程序的日益普及,对用于内容仓库的普通、标准化 API 的需求已凸现出来。Content Repository for Java Technology API (JSR-170) 的目标就是提供这样一个接口。JSR-170 的一个主要优点是,它不绑定到任何特定的底层架构。例如,JSR-170 实现的后端数据存储可以是文件系统、WebDAV 仓库、支持 XML 的系统,甚至还可以是 SQL 数据库。此外,JSR-170 的导出和导入功能允许一个集成器在内容后端与 JCR 实现之间无缝地切换。

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