BlueMind 3.0.19 发布,消息协作平台

发布于 2015年03月02日
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BlueMind 3.0.19 发布,此版本是个稳定版本,现已提供下载


### Authentification
- BM-4014 Feat: login with an alias address is now possible. Caution : the domain part is now mandatory, even for a single-domain setup.
- BM-4662 Fix: bypass CAS & kerberos on /native/ to prevent redirection

### Webmail
- TLIB-215 Fix: expand distribution list in webmail composer
- WEIS-191 Fix: CC field styling
- MDSO-422 Fix: Set default webmail sort on mail arrival

### Unified communications
- BM-4457 Fix: "busy (meeting)" FR translation
- BM-4458 Fix: call forwarding deletion

### Calendrier
- BM-4708 Fix: event update is not saved
- EXA-107 Fix: erroneous reply configuration when event owner is external

### Addressbook
- BM-4747 Fix: duplicate X-BM-Ref type in imported contact

### Admin console
- BM-4659 Fix: consistency between checkbox and message for mobile device activation

### Instant Messaging
- BM-4740 Fix: display "Busy (Meeting)" user status
- BM-4632 Fix: html5 notification if only IM is active
- BM-4632 Fix: ping bm-core every 10 min
- BM-4687 Fix: handle @domain_alias default email

### Mobile devices
- ACMS-189 Fix: do not remove writable meetings (user is not the owner but has write rights) on decline.
- ADV-47 Fix: Android reply html formatting
- BM-4746 Fix: store email sent by Android in /Sent
- MDSO-415 Fix: sync last 30 days (max) when devices asks for All
- IGPP-134 Fix: set default mail

### Archivage
- MDSO-420 Fix: retain original date of message when un-archiving

### Outlook connector
- ADV-48 Fix: detection of local changes in appointments
- ADV-48 Fix: make use of reply time to detect local changes on meetings and avoid lost acceptations
- BM-4802 Fix: recurring appointment created in Outlook not synced with BlueMind
- COAX-166 Fix: reminder on past appointments
- SFL-9 Fix: connector sometimes fails to load on Outlook 2010 64 bit

### Thunderbird connector
- BM-4686 Fix: erroneous card update when removing a member from a dlist

### Migration
- Imp: exchange-migration-tool MIME format conversion
- Imp: exchange-migration-tool dlist migration: maintain link between member and contact

### IMAP Proxy
- COAX-169 Fix: cleaning the 'Deleted Items' folder with Outlook did not remove subfolders
- BM-4283 Imp: reduce the number of cyrus secondary connections
- BM-4283 Imp: reduce GC pressure

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!

Blue Mind 是一个 Java 开发的消息和协作平台,提供可伸缩的共享消息、日程、联系人,同时支持多个移动平台 (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)、Outlook 和 Thunderbird。设计简单,提供面向Web服务的插件架构。

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