XWiki Enterprise 6.2.6 发布,Java 的 Wiki 系统

发布于 2015年02月24日
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XWiki 6.2.6 发布,XWiki是一个由Java编写的基于LGPL协议发布的开源wiki和应用平台。它的开发平台特性允许创建协作式Web应用,同时也提供了构建于平台之上的打包应用(第二代wiki)。

这是一个 bugfix 版本,修复的 bug 包括:

  • XWIKI-11830 Can't invite more than one user on wiki

  • XWIKI-11817 A diff that contains a closing HTML macro is badly displayed

  • XWIKI-11805 Wiki Macros current macro block don't have a parent anymore

  • XWIKI-11801 ResetPassword feature is broken by password salting

  • XWIKI-11800 Cannot change a list property from multiple select to single select if there is an instance that has no value selected

  • XWIKI-11797 Instance output filter should clone document coming from the store before modifying them

  • XWIKI-11796 A failing document might break following document during XAR import

  • XWIKI-11789 Cannot save a date property if the date format is locale-dependent and the wiki locale doesn't match the JVM locale

  • XWIKI-11757 SOLR facets are displayed twice on the search result page

  • XWIKI-11755 Sometimes the generated CSS is buggy

  • XWIKI-11752 Unknown user is displayed when you try to see the last author

  • XWIKI-11750 Cannot configure rights for the members of a subwiki until the first member is added to the wiki

  • XWIKI-11738 The History tab isn't responsive

  • XWIKI-11731 HTML export takes too long

  • XWIKI-11721 Gadget wiki list the wikis without view's access right

  • XWIKI-11716 Backward compatibility broken when registering a component in Groovy using Utils.getComponentManager()

  • XWIKI-11694 XWikiHibernateAttachmentStore methods don't take into account attachment wiki as well as they think

  • XCOMMONS-750 DefaultClassLoaderManager loose the container classloader

  • XCOMMONS-749 Expose DateFormatSymbols through the Velocity $datetool

  • XCOMMONS-744 Exceptions thrown by the output filter are lost

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