Semantic UI 1.9.0 发布,前端界面开发框架

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Semantic UI 1.9.0 发布,此版本现已提供下载:



NPM 安装

  • npm install semantic-ui is now the recommended path for getting Semantic UI

  • Added npm post-install scripts which automatically install or update semantic

Gulp 任务导入

  • Semantic tasks are now each defined in their own file, and can be directly imported into external gulpfiles. Read more about importing tasks here

  • If you are using Grunt, you may be able to import these tasks using Grunt-gulp

LESS 组件导入

  • Semantic LESS files can now be directly included in other LESS files.

  • You can import all UI with @import 'src/semantic';

  • You can also import individual definitions using @import 'src/definitions/elements/button'.

UI 改进


  • Card - Cards now equalize height by default using display: flex. No longer are card heights required to be specified manually to align

  • Flag - Reduced the file size of flag sprite to a measly 28kb (500%+ file size reduction)

  • Icon - Added Font Awesome 4.3 including many new icons

  • Input - Input with dropdowns is now much easier, see docs. action input and labeled input now use display: flex. ui action input now supports <button> tag usage (!) which support flex but not table-cell

  • Segment - Added plural variation ui segments that stack together in groups without using additional class names


  • API - API now has an onRequest callback setting that receives the XHR promise after initializing the request

  • Button - Loading buttons no longer receive pointer-events in default theme. Added variable for loading button opacity.

  • Card - Card now has colored variations Tahnks @romuloctba

  • Dropdown - search selection dropdown will now close the menu when a dropdown icon is clicked

  • Dropdown - Added new dropdown setting, forceSelection which forces search selection to a selected value on blur. Defaults to true.

  • Flag - Updated Burma/Myanmar flag to current flag (was pre-2010 flag)

  • Form - Input rules now apply to input[type="time"]

  • Form Validation - get values, set values now support multiple select e.g. field[]

  • Form Validation - Dropdown and checkbox will now validate after interaction with on: 'blur'

  • Headers - Headers can now contain images alongside text, added examples to docs

  • Icon - Added woff2 icon files for supported browsers (20% file-size decrease) Thanks FontAwesome

  • Label - ribbon label can now be used inside ui image and ui card correctly

  • Sidebar - Sidebars in IE now work correctly with context specified

  • Rating - Vertical alignment of ui rating with inline content now accounts for parent line height

Bugs 修复

  • All Modules - Fixed bug where element destroy could remove third party events when re-initialized

  • Breadcrumb - Breadcrumb icon now has exact px value to alleviate vertical align issues

  • Card - Star / Like button colors have been fixed to match ui rating inside card

  • Card - Hiding a card with display: none no longer causes layout issues with (x) cards

  • Card - image inside content no longer has a fixed size Thanks @romuloctba

  • Form - info message are no longer hidden by default inside ui form

  • Form - Lightened error dropdown hover text color to be more legible

  • Dropdown - Upward dropdown now has upward arrow icon

  • Icon - external link and external link square has been renamed to external icon to no longer receive link styles by default

  • Modal - Modal now swaps to scrolling modal when close icon no longer can be displayed, instead of modal content

  • Steps - Fixed bug where evenly divided steps were no longer fluid

  • Transition - Fixes bug where moduleNamespace was being omitted

  • Transition - Transitions with direction now use word order dependency to prevent conflict with component directions, for example `bottom left popup slide down in transition


  • Fixed bug with chinese mirror modal appearing on every page load when selecting chinese language


Semantic UI—完全语义化的前端界面开发框架,跟 BootstrapFoundation 比起来,还是有些不同的,在功能特性上、布局设计上、用户体验上均存在很多差异。

Semantic UI 特点:

  • 文档和演示非常完善

  • 易于学习和使用

  • 配备网格布局

  • 支持 SassLESS 动态样式语言

  • 有一些非常实用的附加配置,例如inverted类。

  • 对于社区贡献来说是比较开放的。

  • 有一个非常好的按钮实现,情态动词,和进度条。

  • 在许多功能上使用图标字体。

Semantic UI 对浏览器的支持:

  • Last 2 Versions FF, Chrome, IE (aka 10+)

  • Safari 6

  • IE 9+ (Browser prefix only)

  • Android 4

  • Blackberry 10

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