LXC 1.1 发布,解决 systemd 支持问题


LXC 1.1.0 发布,该版本解决了systemd 支持问题 。该版本将会提供支持一直到 2016 年 1 月份。如果你希望使用长期支持的稳定版本,建议还是使用 LXC 1.0,这个版本会一直支持到 2019年4月。

此外一个不是严格要求的是 LXC 1.1 最好在 cgmanager 0.35 和 lxcfs 0.5 配合使用。

LXC 1.1 引入通过 CRIU 实现容器对检查点和恢复的支持,解决了 systemd 的支持问题,完整的记录如下:

New features

  • lxc-autostart: New -A/--ignore-auto flag (starts all containers)

  • lxc-ls: New "interface" field

  • centos/fedora: Added a root_password_expired environment variable (defaults to yes)

  • oracle: Allow installing from arbitrary yum repositories (including medias)

  • oracle: Add Oracle Linux 7 support

  • lxc-ls: Allow filtering containers by group even without --fancy

  • core: Add support for qcow2 images (through qemu-img)

  • lxc-autostart: Add support for the NULL group (any container with lxc.start.auto set to 1 but without a group)

  • core: Track an unexpanded version of the configuration as well as comments (improves formatting of the save configuration)

  • opensuse: Switch to using common configurations

  • core: Allow lxc.cap.keep be set to none

  • archlinux: Switch to using common configurations

  • ubuntu: use btrfs subvolumes and snapshots when available

  • seccomp: Set a default seccomp profile for all distros (blocks dangerous syscalls)

  • core: Add support for Openvswitch bridges

  • core: Add support for lxc.environment (sets extra environment variables)

  • init: Add identical support of systemd, upstart and sysvinit scripts

  • core: Add support for checkpoint and restore of containers using CRIU

  • core: Add a new aa_allow_incomplete flag to allow container startup with partial apparmor support

  • lxc-top: Now a C binary installed by default (was a lua script)

  • API: Addition of attach_interface and detach_interface

  • lxc-device: Now a C binary installed by default (was a python3 script)

  • lxc-config: Now supports querying lxc.cgroup.(use|pattern)

  • core: Add new lxc.init_cmd config option to override the default init command (/sbin/init)

  • lxc-start-ephemeral: Add new --cdir option (copy-on-write mounts)

  • opensuse: Support multiple releases

  • core: lxc.include now allows including directories (includes all the files with a .conf suffix)

  • core: A new common.conf.d configuration directory is available for users and packages to drop configuration snippets to be applied to all containers

  • core: The container_ttys environment variable is now set by LXC

Change in behavior

  • lxc-create now requires be passed (-t), use "none" for the old behavior.

  • snapshots are now stored in the container's directory

  • lxc.arch for PER_LINUX32 is now output as i686

  • lxc-execute: lxc-init is now bind-mounted in the container if it can't be found

  • lxc-start: containers now start daemonized by default

  • core: pivot_root is now done without the use of lxc.pivotdir, as a result this option is now considered deprecated and will be removed in upcoming releases.

  • core: with the switch to daemonized containers by default, close-all-fds is also now the default.

  • core: lxc.autodev was reworked, it no longer uses /dev/lxc, instead mounting a tmpfs directly on the container's /dev, it also now works with unprivileged containers

  • core: lxc.autodev is now on by default (can be overriden with lxc.autodev=0)

  • core: lxc.kmsg is now disabled by default (can be overriden with lxc.kmsg=1)

  • core: clear_config_item now exclusively affects lists (lxc_list) entries. set_config_item should be used for anything else.

  • templates: All templates now use lxc.mount.auto = cgroup:mixed proc:mixed sys:mixed (safe default configuration)

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