Apache Syncope 1.2.2 发布,数据身份管理

发布于 2015年02月03日
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Apache Syncope 1.2.2 发布,Apache Syncope 是用在企业环境的数字身份管理,在JEE技术的实施和Apache 2.0许可下发布的开源系统。



  • [SYNCOPE-607] - Error when adding a value to a multivalue configuration parameter of type long
  • [SYNCOPE-608] - Cannot configure audit for AuthenticationController
  • [SYNCOPE-610] - Installer doesn't update the console.properties with the container port
  • [SYNCOPE-611] - An approver displays all approval tasks including those not assigned to him
  • [SYNCOPE-613] - delete overridable connector configuration property of type array String in resource edit panel
  • [SYNCOPE-614] - NotificationJob fails with NullPointerException
  • [SYNCOPE-615] - Updating properties and xml files of the installer module with the current version
  • [SYNCOPE-617] - User/role schema attribute with minus symbol in name
  • [SYNCOPE-625] - Build fails with Java 6
  • [SYNCOPE-629] - ATTRTEMPLATE entities not exported
  • [SYNCOPE-632] - Errors during update propagation when derived attribute is configured as account id


  • [SYNCOPE-612] - explicit configuration of Velocity logging
  • [SYNCOPE-616] - Improving the management of the xml and properties files inside the installer
  • [SYNCOPE-621] - Reduce log level of bean validation errors (in data binder)
  • [SYNCOPE-622] - Improve VirAttrCache management
  • [SYNCOPE-630] - Eliminate duplicate Syncope WADL methods
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