Puma 2.11.0 发布,高性能 Ruby Web 服务器

发布于 2015年01月21日
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Puma 2.11.0 发布了,下载地址:https://github.com/puma/puma/archive/v2.11.0.zip

Puma是一个为Ruby web程序提供高速处理以及HTTP 1.1并发的服务器小型库。它被设计只用来运行Rack程序。



修复 9 个 bug:

* Add mode as an additional bind option to unix sockets. Fixes #630
* Advertise HTTPS properly after a hot restart
* Don't write lowlevel_error_handler to state
* Fix phased restart with stuck requests
* Handle spaces in the path properly. Fixes #622
* Set a default REMOTE_ADDR to avoid using peeraddr on unix sockets. Fixes #583
* Skip device number checking on jruby. Fixes #586
* Update extconf.rb to compile correctly on OS X
* redirect io right after daemonizing so startup errors are shown. Fixes #359

6 个新的特性:

* Add a configuration option that prevents puma from queueing requests.
* Add reload_worker_directory
* Add the ability to pass environment variables to the init script (for Jungle).
* Add the proctitle tag to the worker. Fixes #633
* Infer a proctitle tag based on the directory
* Update lowlevel error message to be more meaningful.

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