libgit2 v0.21.4/v0.22.0 发布,Git 开发包


libgit2 v0.21.4 发布,这是 0.21 系列的最后一个版本,也是个维护版本,强烈建议升级!

  • bce9484 Fix assert when receiving uncommon sideband packet

  • 4f2d272 ignore: don't leak rules into higher directories

  • 8fce79b ignore: match git's rule negation rules

  • f888185 ignore: adjust test for negating inside a dir

  • 8de0f1e Merge pull request #2770 from tkelman/patch-1

  • b38fe6f Fix build of tests with mingw

  • 4058f1c Fix ming32 compilation

  • 04da236 Fix public header on sys/refs.h

  • dc39d23 Plug possible leak in the openssl locks

  • 3a2c60e ssl: clear the OpenSSL locking function

  • 9c04635 Fix segmentation fault observed on OpenBSD/sparc64

同时还发布了 libgit2 v0.22.0 正式版,此版本包括许多新特性和 bug 修复,主要更新内容如下:


  • git_signature_new() now requires a non-empty email address.

  • Use CommonCrypto libraries for SHA-1 calculation on Mac OS X.

  • Disable SSL compression and SSLv2 and SSLv3 ciphers in favor of TLSv1
    in OpenSSL.

  • The fetch behavior of remotes with autotag set to GIT_REMOTE_DOWNLOAD_TAGS_ALL
    has been changed to match git 1.9.0 and later. In this mode, libgit2 now
    fetches all tags in addition to whatever else needs to be fetched.

  • git_checkout() now handles case-changing renames correctly on
    case-insensitive filesystems; for example renaming "readme" to "README".

  • The search for libssh2 is now done via pkg-config instead of a
    custom search of a few directories.

  • Add support for core.protectHFS and core.protectNTFS. Add more
    validation for filenames which we write such as references.

  • The local transport now generates textual progress output like
    git-upload-pack does ("counting objects").

  • git_checkout_index() can now check out an in-memory index that is not
    necessarily the repository's index, so you may check out an index
    that was produced by git_merge and friends while retaining the cached

  • Remove the default timeout for receiving / sending data over HTTP using
    the WinHTTP transport layer.

  • Add SPNEGO (Kerberos) authentication using GSSAPI on Unix systems.

  • Provide built-in objects for the empty blob (e69de29) and empty
    tree (4b825dc) objects.

  • The index' tree cache is now filled upon read-tree and write-tree
    and the cache is written to disk.

  • LF -> CRLF filter refuses to handle mixed-EOL files

  • LF -> CRLF filter now runs when * text = auto (with Git for Windows 1.9.4)

  • File unlocks are atomic again via rename. Read-only files on Windows are
    made read-write if necessary.

  • Share open packfiles across repositories to share descriptors and mmaps.

  • Use a map for the treebuilder, making insertion O(1)

  • The build system now accepts an option EMBED_SSH_PATH which when set
    tells it to include a copy of libssh2 at the given location. This is
    enabled for MSVC.

  • Add support for refspecs with the asterisk in the middle of a

  • Fetching now performs opportunistic updates. To achieve this, we
    introduce a difference between active and passive refspecs, which
    make git_remote_download() and git_remote_fetch() to take a list of
    resfpecs to be the active list, similarly to how git fetch accepts a
    list on the command-line.

  • The THREADSAFE option to build libgit2 with threading support has
    been flipped to be on by default.

  • The remote object has learnt to prune remote-tracking branches. If
    the remote is configured to do so, this will happen via
    git_remote_fetch(). You can also call git_remote_prune() after
    connecting or fetching to perform the prune.

API additions

  • Introduce git_buf_text_is_binary() and git_buf_text_contains_nul() for
    consumers to perform binary detection on a git_buf.

  • git_branch_upstream_remote() has been introduced to provide the
    branch..remote configuration value.

  • Introduce git_describe_commit() and git_describe_workdir() to provide
    a description of the current commit (and working tree, respectively)
    based on the nearest tag or reference

  • Introduce git_merge_bases() and the git_oidarray type to expose all
    merge bases between two commits.

  • Introduce git_merge_bases_many() to expose all merge bases between
    multiple commits.

  • Introduce rebase functionality (using the merge algorithm only).
    Introduce git_rebase_init() to begin a new rebase session,
    git_rebase_open() to open an in-progress rebase session,
    git_rebase_commit() to commit the current rebase operation,
    git_rebase_next() to apply the next rebase operation,
    git_rebase_abort() to abort an in-progress rebase and git_rebase_finish()
    to complete a rebase operation.

  • Introduce git_note_author() and git_note_committer() to get the author
    and committer information on a git_note, respectively.

  • A factory function for ssh has been added which allows to change the
    path of the programs to execute for receive-pack and upload-pack on
    the server, git_transport_ssh_with_paths().

  • The ssh transport supports asking the remote host for accepted
    credential types as well as multiple challeges using a single
    connection. This requires to know which username you want to connect
    as, so this introduces the USERNAME credential type which the ssh
    transport will use to ask for the username.

  • The GIT_EPEEL error code has been introduced when we cannot peel a tag
    to the requested object type; if the given object otherwise cannot be
    peeled, GIT_EINVALIDSPEC is returned.

  • Introduce GIT_REPOSITORY_INIT_RELATIVE_GITLINK to use relative paths
    when writing gitlinks, as is used by git core for submodules.

  • git_remote_prune() has been added. See above for description.

  • Introduce reference transactions, which allow multiple references to
    be locked at the same time and updates be queued. This also allows
    us to safely update a reflog with arbitrary contents, as we need to
    do for stash.

API removals

  • git_remote_supported_url() and git_remote_is_valid_url() have been
    removed as they have become essentially useless with rsync-style ssh paths.

  • git_clone_into() and git_clone_local_into() have been removed from the
    public API in favour of git_clone callbacks.

  • The option to ignore certificate errors via git_remote_cert_check()
    is no longer present. Instead, git_remote_callbacks has gained a new
    entry which lets the user perform their own certificate checks.

Breaking API changes

  • git_cherry_pick() is now git_cherrypick().

  • The git_submodule_update() function was renamed to
    git_submodule_update_strategy(). git_submodule_update() is now used to
    provide functionalty similar to "git submodule update".

  • git_treebuilder_create() was renamed to git_treebuilder_new() to better
    reflect it being a constructor rather than something which writes to

  • git_treebuilder_new() (was git_treebuilder_create()) now takes a
    repository so that it can query repository configuration.
    Subsequently, git_treebuilder_write() no longer takes a repository.

  • git_threads_init() and git_threads_shutdown() have been renamed to
    git_libgit2_init() and git_libgit2_shutdown() to better explain what
    their purpose is, as it's grown to be more than just about threads.

  • git_libgit2_init() and git_libgit2_shutdown() now return the number of
    initializations of the library, so consumers may schedule work on the
    first initialization.

  • The git_transport_register() function no longer takes a priority and takes
    a URL scheme name (eg "http") instead of a prefix like "http://"

  • git_index_name_entrycount() and git_index_reuc_entrycount() now
    return size_t instead of unsigned int.

  • The context_lines and interhunk_lines fields in git_diff_options are
    now uint32_t instead of uint16_t. This allows to set them to UINT_MAX,
    in effect asking for "infinite" context e.g. to iterate over all the
    unmodified lines of a diff.

  • git_status_file() now takes an exact path. Use git_status_list_new() if
    pathspec searching is needed.

  • git_note_create() has changed the position of the notes reference
    name to match git_note_remove().

  • Rename git_remote_load() to git_remote_lookup() to bring it in line
    with the rest of the lookup functions.

  • git_remote_rename() now takes the repository and the remote's
    current name. Accepting a remote indicates we want to change it,
    which we only did partially. It is much clearer if we accept a name
    and no loaded objects are changed.

  • git_remote_delete() now accepts the repository and the remote's name
    instead of a loaded remote.

  • git_merge_head is now git_annotated_commit, to better reflect its usage
    for multiple functions (including rebase)

  • The git_clone_options struct no longer provides the ignore_cert_errors or
    remote_name members for remote customization.

    Instead, the git_clone_options struct has two new members, remote_cb and
    remote_cb_payload, which allow the caller to completely override the remote
    creation process. If needed, the caller can use this callback to give their
    remote a name other than the default (origin) or disable cert checking.

    The remote_callbacks member has been preserved for convenience, although it
    is not used when a remote creation callback is supplied.

  • The git_clone_options struct now provides repository_cb and
    repository_cb_payload to allow the user to create a repository with
    custom options.

  • The git_push struct to perform a push has been replaced with
    git_remote_upload(). The refspecs and options are passed as a
    function argument. git_push_update_tips() is now also
    git_remote_update_tips() and the callbacks are in the same struct as
    the rest.

  • The git_remote_set_transport() function now sets a transport factory function,
    rather than a pre-existing transport instance.

  • The git_transport structure definition has moved into the sys/transport.h

  • libgit2 no longer automatically sets the OpenSSL locking
    functions. This is not something which we can know to do. A
    last-resort convenience function is provided in sys/openssl.h,
    git_openssl_set_locking() which can be used to set the locking.

libgit2 是一个可移植、纯C语言实现的 Git 核心开发包,你可以使用它来编写自定义的 Git 应用。

libgit2已被广泛应用在许多应用程序上,包括GitHub网站,还被应用在Plastic SCM和强大的微软Visual Studio工具箱。


  • SHA转换、格式化和缩略词

  • 抽象的ODB后端系统

  • 提交、标签、树和BLOB解析、编辑、blob解析和回写

  • 树遍历

  • revision walking

  • 索引文件(临时区域)操作

  • 引用管理(包括包引用)

  • 配置文件管理

  • 高级仓库管理

  • 线程安全和可重入

  • 错误信息描述非常详细

  • 更多(超过175个不同的API调用)

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