OGLplus 0.56.0 发布,OpenGL 的 C++ 封装库

发布于 2015年01月01日
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OGLplus 0.56.0 发布,此版本更新了类 ``ClientContext``;添加了大量的新 getter/setter 函数到 ``Context``;更新 GLM 的互操作性;更新 Quickbook 文档和构建系统。

 - The ``oglplus::ClientContext`` class was updated, wrappers for new state variables and functions were added..

 - The ``EnumAssocType`` and ``EnumAssocGLType`` templates and their specializations were added.

 - Many new getter/setter functions were added to ``oglplus::Context``.

 - The Quickbook documentation was updated.

 - Minor changes in the error reporting in the low-profile mode were made.

 - A problem with the wxGL harness on Windows was fixed.

 - The tools for auto-generating of the enumeration headers were updated and the headers were re-generated.

 - Several minor changes were made to the enumerations types.

 - New options were added to the configure.bat script.

 - Detection of support for strongly-typed enum template parameters was added.

OGLplus (oglplus) 是一个仅包含头文件的 C++ 语言库,用于实现一个瘦面向对象的 OpenGL 门面操作接口,提供了自动资源和对象管理的封装,让在 C++ 中使用 OpenGL 更加简单和安全。

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