AppCode 3.1.1 发布

发布于 2014年12月19日
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AppCode 3.1.1 发布,此版本是 bug 修复版本,如果已经在使用 AppCode,可以从菜单进行手动更新,如果没有请前往这里下载。


  • Garbage characters in the console window are fixed (OC-10734).

  • Kiwi tests which were not working correctly with Xcode 6.1 (and 6.2 beta) are fixed now (OC-10741).
    Please, pay attention here that the lowest supported Kiwi version is now 2.3, that means that Kiwi with OCUnit is no longer supported, so switch to to the XCTest pod to use Kiwi.

Swift 代码解析相关问题修复:

  • Getting the value in var.0-style for non-tuple types is resolved correctly now (OC-11168).

  • Negative values in enums are parsed correctly now (OC-11305).

  • Shorthand external parameters parsing errors in some specific cases are fixed now (OC-11149).

完整改进请看 tracker

Sincerely yours,
The AppCode Team

AppCode 是一个全新的 Objective-C 的集成开发环境,用于帮助开发 Mac、iPhone 和 iPad 的应用程序。

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