Apache cTAKES 3.2.1 发布

发布于 2014年12月12日
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Apache 临床的文本分析和知识提取系统 (cTAKES) 是一个开源的自然语言处理系统,用于从临床电子病历自由文本中抽取信息。可处理临床笔记抽取出统一的医学语言系统(UMLS)——药物,疾病/障碍,标志/症状,解剖网站和程序等。

Apache cTAKES 3.2.1 发布,此版本现已提供下载,更新内容如下:

Bug 修复

  • [CTAKES-162] - Command line scripts leave the user back one directory

  • [CTAKES-169] - SectionSegmentAnnotator.java is in core, but the sample SectionSegmentAnnotator.xml descriptor is in ctakes-clinical-pipeline

  • [CTAKES-241] - NullPointerException in ctakes-assertion

  • [CTAKES-280] - upgrade to cleartk-2.*

  • [CTAKES-285] - cleartk-ml-liblinear needs to be added to the dependencies

  • [CTAKES-307] - URI is not hierarchical when running mvn install

  • [CTAKES-309] - Add SNOMEDCT_US to ytext db scripts

  • [CTAKES-310] - Dictionary lookup permutations sort issue

  • [CTAKES-311] - v_document_cui_sent View returns no results in cTAKES-YTEX

  • [CTAKES-319] - YTEX Web Semantic Search not starting in Linux

  • [CTAKES-321] - Verify ctakes-ytex 3rd party dependencies

  • [CTAKES-327] - Make inner classes import explicit - if not, class names can be ambiguous and depend on compiler order.

  • [CTAKES-334] - GramMatrixExporterImpl initialization failed

  • [CTAKES-335] - url typo in ctakessql.xml

  • [CTAKES-337] - YTEX Class Conflict


  • [CTAKES-94] - refactoring assertion module to use a cleartk-based analysis engine (and include evaluation)

  • [CTAKES-222] - FirstTokenPermLookupInitializerImpl to suppot arraylist of DictionaryLookupWindows

  • [CTAKES-225] - Common Type System - Add field to save preferredText in Segment

  • [CTAKES-325] - Create aggregate pipeline to use dictionary-lookup-fast

  • [CTAKES-326] - Default Assertion to use new clearTK based models

  • [CTAKES-336] - Allow constituency parser to allow reading of model from input stream


  • [CTAKES-329] - Add temporal event-event and event-time relation discovery models

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