RichFaces 4.5.1.Final 发布,JSF 框架

发布于 2014年12月03日
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RichFaces 4.5.1.Final 发布了,RichFaces 是一个具有 Ajax 和 JSF 特性 的 Web 框架。



  • [RF-12166] -        richfaces distribution - missing assembler.xml in showcase sources
  • [RF-12654] -        PartialViewRender skips check for whether column is rendered before checking if children can be rendered
  • [RF-13828] -        a4j jsFunction does not work inside a form with enctype="multipart/form-data"
  • [RF-13883] -        render-attribute of a4j:commandLink is ignored
  • [RF-13892] -        rich:contextMenu with rich:dataTable - after ajax re-render of table contextMenu no longer works
  • [RF-13893] -        Resource optimization - Invalid reference for gradientA.png
  • [RF-13898] -        Not able to tab out from rich:select field in a table.
  • [RF-13899] -        selected item in rich:select not highlighted after refresh
  • [RF-13904] -        RF can be deployed to Mojarra < 2.1.28
  • [RF-13905] -        Select: attribute onlistshow doesn't work when enableManualInput=true
  • [RF-13906] -        Calendar - Show selected date JS error
  • [RF-13908] -        Validation quickstart: UnsupportedOperationException after confirmation of the registration
  • [RF-13909] -        Attribute render doesn't work in command button/link, jsFunction
  • [RF-13912] -        rich:select inside panelGrid
  • [RF-13916] -        Nested collapsibleSubTable only collapse ten row  BUG
  • [RF-13917] -        Showcase: update the version of RF in readme
  • [RF-13922] -        Ajax requests fail if triggered outside of form
  • [RF-13923] -        Editor toolbar configuration cannot be changed

Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-13902] -        Upgrade dependencies in jsf-test
  • [RF-13915] -        Upgrade third-party libraries


  • [RF-11088] -        rich:select modify manualInput behavior to avoid single item scoped item list popup when editing value
  • [RF-13232] -        Enable flexible changing of the deployed archive name for general deployments, e.g. CoreDeployment
  • [RF-13867] -        Provide a way to access FlotCharts options

Feature Request

  • [RF-13532] -        Support JSF 2.2 resetValues attribute for a4j:ajax
  • [RF-13855] -        Rich line chart string value on one of axis
  • [RF-13861] -        rich:chart doesn't preserve ordering of data
  • [RF-13900] -        rich:select should support selection by first character if enableManualInput is not used
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