TortoiseGit 发布,Git 客户端

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2014-11-27 00:00:00

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  • Fixed  issue #2272 : Export Dialog auto select tag if the revision has tag

  • We now use a 4096-bit RSA key with SHA2-512 for signing and verifying our releases instead of a 1024-bit DSA key with SHA1

  • The new key is signed by the old key. You can get the fingerprint from a trusted TortoiseGit installation by issuing "TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:pgpfp"
  • Fixed  issue #1928 : Hotkeys in "Show log" dialog for navigating back / forward

  • Fixed  issue #1316 : Add git describe

  • Fixed  issue #2294 : Submodule Update dialog doesn't save its state

  • Fixed  issue #2176 : Color config for "View Patch" Window & Tortoise(Git)UDiff

  • Fixed  issue #2331 : Show prefix log asterisk in Log Dialog

  • Fixed  issue #2157 : TortoiseGitMerge does not delete temporary files on close (marking as "resolved" in TGit was necessary)

  • Fixed  issue #1950 : Log Dialog: File list filter

  • Fixed  issue #2330 : Optimize submodule conflict resolution

  • Fixed  issue #2332 : TortoiseGitMerge: Move "Create patch file" to the File menu

  • TortoiseGitMerge: Updated EditorConfig version to 0.12

  • Fixed  issue #2341 : Jump to search box when pressing CTRL+E

  • Custom dictionaries for the spell checker can now be put into the %APPDATA%\TortoiseGit\dic folder (w/o administrator privileges).

  • All other locations within the TortoiseGit installation folder (e.g. bin, dic, ...) except Languages are now deprecated. See the manual for more information.
  • TGitCache: Overlay update improvements and speedups

Bug 修复

  • Fixed  issue #2260 : Clicking in blank space in Commit dialog causes all unversioned files to become selected

  • Fixed  issue #2290 : "Pulled Log" broken

  • Fixed  issue #2281 : TGit 1.8.11 is not using %HOME% correctly

  • Fixed  issue #2306 : TortoiseGitMerge ToolTip messages for Previous/next inline difference mixed up

  • Fixed  issue #2308 : Pressing ESC in the skip-worktree confirmation dialog box selects 'yes'

  • Fixed  issue #2309 : "Show log of aaaa..bbbb" on sub directory shows logs on root directory

  • Fixed  issue #2126 : Rebase: Squash after conflict causes additional commit

  • Fixed  issue #2313 : "Clean to recycle bin" after Clean-up dry run removes unexpected files

  • Fixed  issue #874 : Add --rebase option to pull dialog

  • Fixed  issue #2316 : Error on comparing files when git config core.autocrlf ends with 2+ spaces and then a comment

  • Fixed  issue #2323 : TortoiseGit does not pull --tags despite checking Tags

  • Fixed  issue #2327 : Help button is broken in "SVN Commit Type" dialog

  • TGitCache now checks file sizes before checking file contents. This should mitigate possible "file is locked" problems.

  • Fixed  issue #2329 : Changes track remote branch when fast forward is used

  • Fixed  issue #1872 : Rebase edit doesn't amend files but only the commit message

  • Fixed  issue #2342 : Ignore whitespace blame option not work

  • Fixed  issue #2311 : Empty commits cannot be rebased

  • Fixed  issue #2312 : Fix UTF-8 AutoCRLF issues with libgit2

  • Fixed  issue #2345 : The Show Log dialog's View Patch side window is empty when the Working dir changes line is selected and no file is selected

  • Fixed  issue #2348 : Conflicts during rebase appends "conflicts" to commit message

TortoiseGit (海龟Git)是TortoiseSVNGit版本,tortoisegit用于迁移TortoiseSVN到TortoiseGit,一直以来Git在Windows平台没有好用GUI客户端,现在tortoisegit的出现给Windows开发者带来福音。

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