ApacheDS 2.0.0-M19 发布,LDAP 目录服务器

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2014-11-26 00:00:00

ApacheDS 2.0.0-M19 发布,此版本值得关注的是 2.0.0-M18 的一个安全问题修复。同时还修复了大量关键的 bug。

Apache Directory ApacheDS 2.0.0-M19 改进列表:

Bugs 修复
<https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DIRSERVER-2020> Poodle
remediation for ApacheDS 2.X
    [DIRSERVER-2016] Race condition in PasswordPolicy Bind handling
    [DIRSERVER-2016] Another Java 8 only error (with Kerberos)
    [DIRSERVER-2016] Java 7 vs Java 8 : failure in Java 8
    [DIRSERVER-2014] Synchronization is stopped if remote server was
not restored during refresh interval
    [DIRSERVER-2012] Replication ignores startTLS when
ads-replStrictCertValidation is true
    [DIRSERVER-2010] LdifFileLoader cannot load LDIFS from the
classpath unless they are very specific location
    [DIRSERVER-2006] Licencing for apacheds-all
    [DIRSERVER-2003] Remove ONE and SUB level index configuration from
default configuration file
    [DIRSERVER-2002] OutOfMemory error while loading more than 70K
entries at once
    [DIRSERVER-2001] Replication using TLS does not work when
confidentiality is enforced
    [DIRSERVER-1992] LRUMap used as Entry DN cache in
AbstractBTreePartition is going into an inconsistent state
    [DIRSERVER-1986] Delegated authentication fails when password
policy is enabled
    [DIRSERVER-1978] Unable to import ldif when operational attribute
pwdChangedTime is present

    [DIRSERVER-1965] An Index should speed up searches starting with '*'


主页: http://directory.apache.org/apacheds
下载: http://directory.apache.org/apacheds/downloads.html
用户指南: http://directory.apache.org/apacheds/basic-users-guide.html

ApacheDS (Apache Directory Server)的核心是目录服务,可以保存数据,并对不同类型的数据进行搜索操作。协议的实现在目录服务器顶层工作,提供与数据存储、搜索和检索有关的 Internet 服务。 ApacheDS 最重要的特性可能是利用不同协议公开目录服务的能力...

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