jQuery EasyUI 1.4.1 发布

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作者: ejzhang
2014-11-06 00:00:00

jQuery EasyUI 1.4.1 发布了,下载地址:




  • The combogrid has different height than other combo components. fixed.(Combogrid组件与其他Combo组件高度不一致,已修复。)

  • datagrid: The row element loses some class style value after calling 'updateRow' method. fixed.(Datagrid:行元素调用“updateRow”方法后丢失部分样式,已修复。)

  • menubutton: Calling 'enable' method on a disabled button can not work well. fixed.(Menubutton:在被禁用按钮上调用“enable”方法不能很好的工作,已修复。)

  • form: The filebox components in the form do not work correctly after calling 'clear' method. fixed.(Form:调用“clear”方法后Filebox组件不能正常工作,已修复。)


  • tabs: The 'update' method accepts 'type' option that allows the user to update the header,body,or both.(Tabs:“update”方法可以接受“type”选项,允许用户更新头部、主体或全部内容)

  • panel: Add 'openAnimation','openDuration','closeAnimation' and 'closeDuration' properties to set the animation for opening or closing a panel.(Panel:加入“openAnimation”、“openDuration”、“closeAnimation”和“closeDuration”属性来设置面板打开关闭时的动画效果。)

  • panel: Add 'footer' property that allows the user to add a footer bar to the bottom of panel.(Panel:加入“footer”属性,允许用户在面板底部加入底脚条。)

  • datagrid: Calling 'endEdit' method will accept the editing value correctly.(Datagrid:调用“endEdit”方法可以正确接受编辑值。)

  • datagrid: Add 'onBeforeSelect','onBeforeCheck','onBeforeUnselect','onBeforeUncheck' events.(Datagrid:加入“onBeforeSelect”、“onBeforeCheck”、“onBeforeUnselect”、“onBeforeUncheck”事件。)

  • propertygrid: The user can edit a row by calling 'beginEdit' method.(Propertygrid:用户可以调用“beginEdit”方法编辑行值。)

  • datebox: Add 'cloneFrom' method to create the datebox component quickly.(Datebox:加入“cloneFrom”方法来快速创建日期组件。)

  • datetimebox: Add 'cloneFrom' method to create the datetimebox component quickly.(Datetimebox:加入“cloneFrom”方法来快速创建日期时间组件。)

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