Sencha Space 1.2 发布,安全应用管理平台

发布于 2014年10月29日
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Sencha Space 1.2 发布,Sencha Space 是安全应用管理平台,帮助你更好的部署你的应用给大部分用户,支持大多数设备,使用最新的 hassle。Space 包括两个部分:

  1. 一个应用帮助你的最终用户下载和安装你的应用到他们的智能手机,平板,现在支持桌面和笔记本。

  2. 一个管理工作台应用,你的管理员用来管理用户访问你的应用和数据,— available in the cloud or now on-premise.

最新版本的 Sencha Space 帮助解决构建,测试和部署跨平台 HTML5 应用的挑战。


  • Desktop Client Application - Use a single integrated platform to deploy applications to users on desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

  • On-Premise Administration - Deploy the rich management capabilities of Space in your own data center or private cloud instance.

  • Custom Runtime for Android - Reduce the burden of the extreme Android platform fragmentation with a consistent, high performance, Chromium-based runtime across all Android 4.x devices.

  • Remote Debugging Support — Simplify application development and testing with remote debugging for Android and iOS. Your teams can find and fix bugs faster.

  • Many new additions to the Space SDK - Use Space APIs to do more than ever with the platform.  You can learn about all the new APIs here.


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