Immutant 2 Alpha2 发布,Clojure 应用服务器

编辑: 红薯

Immutant 2 的第二个 Alpha 版本发布了,Immutant 是一个 Clojure 的应用服务器,这是一个基于 JBoss AS 7 的集成平台,用于 Ring 处理、异步消息、缓存、任务调度、XA 事务、集群和守护进程等等。

与 1.x 版本比较,版本 2 主要值得关注的有:

  • 使用 Undertow web 服务器,更快而且支持 WebSocket
  • 使用 Apache 许可证,而不是之前的 LGPL
  • 完全的可嵌入到应用中,无需应用服务器支持
  • 可部署到最新的 WildFly 获得额外特性

而 Alpha2 版本的主要改进有:

  • 对文档进行重新安排
  • 引入 org.immutant/transactions 库以提供 XA 分布式事务支持
  • 更灵活的 SSL 配置
  • 对消息 API 进行大量改进以及接口大幅调整
  • Datomic 可与一个 Immutant 应用一起使用,无需修改 WildFly 配置
  • HornetQ 可通过标准的配置文件或者 java 代码进行配置

同时我们发布了新版本的 lein-immutant plugin (2.0.0-alpha2). 如果你使用 Immutant Alpha2 和 WildFly 需要升级这个版本。

这里有一些演示程序: Feature Demo

Issues resolved in 2.0.0-alpha2

  • [IMMUTANT-466] - App using datomic can't find class in WildFly
  • [IMMUTANT-467] - Datomic HornetQ Conflicts with WildFly
  • [IMMUTANT-473] - web/run only works at deployment inside wildfly
  • [IMMUTANT-474] - See if we need to bring over any of the shutdown code from 1.x to use inside the container
  • [IMMUTANT-475] - Write tutorial on overriding logging settings in-container
  • [IMMUTANT-477] - Figure out how to get the web-context inside WildFly
  • [IMMUTANT-478] - Consider wrapping scheduled jobs in bound-fn
  • [IMMUTANT-479] - Get XA working in (and possibly out of) container
  • [IMMUTANT-480] - Immutant running out of a container does not handle laptop suspend gracefully
  • [IMMUTANT-481] - Expose way to set the global log level
  • [IMMUTANT-482] - Destinations with leading slashes fail to deploy in WildFly
  • [IMMUTANT-483] - Allow nil :body in ring response
  • [IMMUTANT-484] - app-uri has a trailing slash
  • [IMMUTANT-485] - The wunderboss-core jar file has a logback.xml file packaged inside of it which competes with a locally configured logback.xml
  • [IMMUTANT-487] - Enable explicit control of an embedded web server
  • [IMMUTANT-488] - Provide better SSL support than just through the Undertow.Builder
  • [IMMUTANT-489] - Re-running servlets yields IllegalStateException
  • [IMMUTANT-490] - Don't register fressian codec by default
  • [IMMUTANT-491] - at-exit handlers can fail if they refer to any wboss components
  • [IMMUTANT-492] - Expose HornetQ broker configuration options
  • [IMMUTANT-493] - Revert back to :host instead of :interface for nrepl options
  • [IMMUTANT-494] - Expose controlling the context mode to listen
  • [IMMUTANT-496] - Expose way to override HornetQ data directories
  • [IMMUTANT-498] - Replace connection and session with a single context abstraction
  • [IMMUTANT-499] - Consider renaming :client-id on context to :subscription-name
  • [IMMUTANT-500] - Throw if listen, queue, or topic is given a non-remote context
  • [IMMUTANT-501] - Running the standalone JAR with default "/" context path requires extra slash for inner routes
  • [IMMUTANT-502] - Rename caching/compare-and-swap! to swap-in!
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