Lynis 1.6.3 发布,Linux 系统审计工具

发布于 2014年10月20日
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Lynis 1.6.3 发布,此版本现已提供下载,更新内容如下:

- Added tests for Shellshock bash vulnerability [SHLL-6290]
- Added test to determine if Snoopy is used [ACCT-9636]
- New test for qdaemon configuration file [PRNT-2416]
- Test for GRUB boot loader password [BOOT-5122]
- New test for qdaemon printer jobs [PRNT-2420]
- Added ClamXav test for Mac OS X [MALW-3288]
- Gentoo vulnerable packages test [PKGS-7393]
- New test for qdaemon status [PRNT-2418]
- Gentoo package listing [PKGS-7304]
- Running Lynis without root permissions will start non-privileged scan
- Systemd service and timer example file added
- Added grub2-install to binaries

- Adjustments so insecure SSL protocols are detected in nginx config [HTTP-6710]
- Directories will be skipped when searching for nginx log files [HTTP-6720]
- Only gather unique name servers from /etc/resolv.conf [NAME-2704]
- Properly detect mod_evasive on Gentoo and others [HTTP-6640]
- Improved swap partition detection in /etc/fstab [FILE-6336]
- Improvements to kernel detection (e.g. Gentoo) [KRNL-5830]
- Test for built-in security options in YUM [PKGS-7386]
- Improved boot loader detection for GRUB2 [BOOT-5121]
- Split GRUB test into two tests [BOOT-5122]
- Added Mac OS uptime check [BOOT-5202]
- Improved GetHostID function for systems having only ip binary
- Improved testing for symlinked binary directories
- Minor adjustments to log output
- Renamed dev directory to extras

Lynis是一个为系统管理员提供的 Linux和Unix的审计工具 。 Lynis扫描系统的配置,并创建概述系统信息与安全问题所使用的专业审计。

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