Apache OFBiz 13.07.01 发布

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2014-10-08 00:00:00

Apache OFBiz 13.07.01 发布,OFBiz 是开放的电子商务平台,是一个非常著名的开源项目,提供了创建基于最新J2EE/XML规范和技术标准,构建大中型企业级、跨平台、跨数据库、跨应用服务 器的多层、分布式电子商务类WEB应用系统的框架。 OFBiz最主要的特点是OFBiz提供了一整套的开发基于Java的web应用程序的组件和工具。包括实体引擎, 服务引擎, 消息引擎, 工作流引擎, 规则引擎等。



  • [OFBIZ-5684] - Help Updates to some Manufacturing Screens


  • [OFBIZ-254] - Noisy, Possibly Unnecessary Logging when a browser request is cancelled by the user

  • [OFBIZ-2353] - SequenceUtil  may generate duplicate IDs in Load Balancing mode

  • [OFBIZ-2942] - createPartyContactMechPurpose service doesn't allow fromDate

  • [OFBIZ-2990] - New Order ship to partyid is ignored.

  • [OFBIZ-3255] - Purchase Invoice screen - Transcation entries are not posted to correct GL Accounts

  • [OFBIZ-3474] - Wrong label in new request creation screen

  • [OFBIZ-3537] - Not all sales invoice item types are showing in listInvoiceItems screen

  • [OFBIZ-3833] - Payment capture is less than Order total

  • [OFBIZ-3879] - invalid invoice id is not handled correctly by invoiceOverview

  • [OFBIZ-4363] - Return "dataResource" from CreateDataResource service

  • [OFBIZ-4372] - Order terms not displayed correctly

  • [OFBIZ-4973] - AvsSettings screenlet read data bug, entity-one should be used, not entity-and

  • [OFBIZ-5017] - Quick Refund Entire Order create a Payment without the Adjustment Item amount

  • [OFBIZ-5185] - Unable to delete rate associated with employee position

  • [OFBIZ-5203] - In HR Componant, In Globle HR Setting menu, Position Type find the position type and delete it delete is not working properly

  • [OFBIZ-5261] - Party contact expiration and its hidden problems

  • [OFBIZ-5392] - Return Item received quantity does not updated correctly in case of partial receiving

  • [OFBIZ-5418] - Purchase Shipment "Receive Inventory Against Purchase Order" functionality not working

  • [OFBIZ-5424] - OrderStatus with status ITEM_CREATED not created for auto-added promo items and items appended after order creation

  • [OFBIZ-5456] - Party logo images not stored in SystemProperty location

  • [OFBIZ-5479] - Groovy error when trying to filter virtual product feature variants in lookup popup window

  • [OFBIZ-5514] - EntitySyncServices.cleanSyncRemoveInfo() takes minutes as seconds

  • [OFBIZ-5515] - EditCustRequestContent contentId lookup field doesn't work

  • [OFBIZ-5527] - Wrong title shown for production run name

  • [OFBIZ-5578] - Quick Ship Entire Order Never Shipping

  • [OFBIZ-5595] - "Run" function doesn't work in AP - Invoices

  • [OFBIZ-5599] - Facility Pick Stock Moves "Cannot compare: r-value is null" error when ProductFacilityLocation.quantityNeeded is not set

  • [OFBIZ-5602] - Sales Order with dropship item(s) uses non-existent GenericValue field to display supplier information

  • [OFBIZ-5619] - Minilang call-service always use transaction

  • [OFBIZ-5654] - Updating  custom time period generates error

  • [OFBIZ-5655] - When periodNum is not set an error is thrown

  • [OFBIZ-5673] - user in securityPermissionGroup "CONTENT_USER" can't access content application

  • [OFBIZ-5675] - SecurityPermissions for Menu-Items and Screens is not consistent in content application

  • [OFBIZ-5676] - User with update permission can't access screens in content application

  • [OFBIZ-5689] - Mini-lang's iterate element can cause NPE when verbose mode is on

  • [OFBIZ-5690] - Order confirmation and order order complete email notification issue from backend

  • [OFBIZ-5692] - Wrong eca event set on changeOrderStatus and updateReturnStatusFromReceipt

  • [OFBIZ-5693] - modification on daemon script for debian

  • [OFBIZ-5694] - AddOtherPartyRelationship allows user to select roles the selected party doesn't have

  • [OFBIZ-5702] - Wrong timeFormat of datetimepicker causes hours represented as 12 not 24

  • [OFBIZ-5707] - AddEmplPositionFulfillment allows selection of partygroups and external persons to be selected

  • [OFBIZ-5708] - ListEmplPositionFulfillments links to wrong profile of employee

  • [OFBIZ-5710] - Running OFBIZ with jsvc (Commons Daemon) Breaks JobPoller

  • [OFBIZ-5711] - Duplicate content in humanres.css file

  • [OFBIZ-5720] - When click the "Go Back" button, the style of the page is mess

  • [OFBIZ-5721] - Generate pdf doesn't open in new target

  • [OFBIZ-5745] - Forgot password functionality is not honoring the 'password.lowercase' property of 'security.properties'

  • [OFBIZ-5762] - Duplicated 'ALSO_BOUGHT' associations in product details page

  • [OFBIZ-5773] - <@htmlTemplate.renderDateTimeField> icon buttons disappear on some pages after refresh

  • [OFBIZ-5787] - HttpClient does not support charset name with quotation mark around

  • [OFBIZ-5788] - ClassCastException in DataResourceWorker.getDataResourceStream method

  • [OFBIZ-5791] - CommonUiLabels.xml - malformed XML


  • [OFBIZ-3802] - Changing the Supplier Product Screen

  • [OFBIZ-4740] - Un-necessary Drop Down in Web Tools

  • [OFBIZ-5287] - Migrating from Log4j 1.2.17 to log4j2

  • [OFBIZ-5592] - UX improvement - aligment Chart of Account

  • [OFBIZ-5698] - Upgrade to Tomcat 7.0.55

  • [OFBIZ-5717] - Updated Commons CSV library to the official release version

  • [OFBIZ-5777] - Picking screen get block when there are large number of records to process

  • [OFBIZ-5778] - Manage Picklist screen get block when there are large number of records to process

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