Review Board 2.0.8 发布,代码评审工具

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作者: donghui2020

Reviewboard 2.0.8 发布,改进内容如下:

Upgrade Notes

  • This release fixes some compatibility issues involving the newly-released Python-Markdown 2.5.

    Python-Markdown 2.5 does not work with Python 2.6. Users who have recently installed or upgraded Review Board on Python 2.6 may have noticed several error messages involving “importlib,” which are due to that new release.

    Review Board 2.0.8 and higher now install Python-Markdown 2.4.1, which is compatible with Python 2.6.

  • This release doesn’t contain any new database schema changes.

New Features

  • Clicking Discard Review in the Review dialog now prompts for confirmation. (Bug #3300)

    Patch by Justin Maillet.

  • Added some enhanced debugging for incorrect review request issue counts.

    Some people have reported bugs when upgrading to Review Board 2.0.x where the issue counts shown on the dashboard were incorrect. We are working to track those down, and in this release, we’ve made it easier to provide debug information to us.

    A new rb-site manage <path> reset-issue-counts management command has been added, which will reset the counts for individual review requests, or for all review requests in the database.

    If you are encountering a review request with broken issue counts, please run:

    rb-site manage <path> reset-issue-counts -- --recalculate --verbosity=2 <id>

    Where <path> is the path to your Review Board site directory, and <id> is the ID of the review request. This will provide some debug information.

    If the count for that review request is still incorrect, please file a bug report with the output.


  • Review Request List Resource now allows admin users to list all users’ unpublished review requests. (Bug #2766)

    When querying this resource, pass ?show-all-unpublished= to specify that all review requests, published or unpublished, should be shown. This requires the user performing the request to have full admin access.

    Patch by Ryan Done.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed compatibility with Python 2.6 on systems with newer versions of Python-Markdown.

  • Fixed some JavaScript syntax errors on Internet Explorer.

Diff Viewer

  • Double-clicking a comment flag no longer results in the dialog showing twice and preventing the new comment from saving. (Bug #3437)

    Patch by Daid Kus.

Review Requests

  • The first item in the auto-completion dropdown list will only replace the input text if the input text is a prefix for the item. (Bug #3444)

    Patch by Andrew Hong.

  • The comma key no longer triggers auto-completion. (Bug #3444)

    Now, only Tab and Enter trigger auto-completion of the selected item.

    Patch by Andrew Hong.

  • Pressing Delete no longer hides the auto-completion dropdown.

    Patch by Andrew Hong.

  • Linking to collapsed reviews now expands the review. (Bug #3532)

    Patch by Yanjia Xin.

  • Fixed drag-and-dropping file attachments on Firefox.

New Review Request Page

  • Fixed page breakages when encountering Unicode characters with values over 127 in patch files. (Bug #3579)

  • Bullet-proofed the page to not completely break when encountering unexpected errors.


  • Fixed error reporting when things go wrong with Bitbucket API calls.

  • Fixed username validation when linking an account.

  • Fixed repository name validation when configuring a repository.


  • Fixed sending new user registration e-mails only when the registration succeeded. (Bug #3438)

    Patch by Azad Salahli.

  • The example usage instructions for post-commit hooks now shows the proper URLs on Local Sites.

  • Fixed some cases where newly configured repositories would conflict with each other, due to the hooks_uuid field not having a correct value.

  • Added help text for the rb-site manage command when running rb-site --help.


  • Fixed File Not Found errors from the repository for Unicode paths. (Bug #3425)

  • Fixed KeyError: u'message' errors when attempting to list commits without a commit message. (Bug #3579)

Review Board起源于VMware的一些开发者。它基于Django,你可以把它安装在自己的服务器上,工作流和Rietveld极为类似。令人高兴的是它提 供了在diffs里进行语法彩色编码,使得代码阅读变得简便。此外,它还实现了基于Lucene的搜索来帮助管理较大的diffs组。

Review Board在审查补丁(Patch)方面表现完美。一个叫做“提交审查”的工具被用来和SCM系统进行连接(当前支持SVN、CVS、Perforce、Git和Mercurial等),可以允许你请求一个将被提交的修改的审查。用户基础页面将这个过程描述如下:

  1. 你在本地检出的代码上做了些可怕的修改。

  2. 你通过公布diff、编写描述和选择一些审查者来创建一个审查请求。

  3. 你在审查请求中点击“发布”并等待你的审查者看到它。

  4. 其他人看了你的审查请求,说道“这太可怕了,除非什么东西坏掉了。”

  5. 你根据他们的评论更新了你的代码。

  6. 你公布了更新后的diff,以及对他们评论的解答以指明你修改了什么(或者你要说明为什么你不打算按照他们的建议修改代码)。

  7. 大家看了你更新后的代码,并请你继续。

  8. 你将修改提交到仓库中。

  9. 你在审查请求中点击“设置为已提交”来从其他人的面板中移除你的审查请求。

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