Apache Felix SCR 1.2.0 发布


Felix是一个OSGi版本4规范的Apache实现。OSGi是一个基于Java的服务平台规范,其目标是被需要长时间运行、动态更新、对运行 环境破坏最小化的系统所使用。有许多公司(包括Eclipse IDE,它是第一个采用OSGi技术的重要项目)已经使用OSGi去创建其微内核和插件架构,以允许在运行时刻获得好的模块化和动态组装特性。几个其他项 目如Apache Directory、Geronimo、Jackrabbit、Spring以及JOnAS也都正在转向采用OSGi。


** Bug
* [FELIX-1162] - Component.getReferences returns null if a component that has references is not enabled.
* [FELIX-1166] - SCR does not rebind ConfigurationAdmin service in Sling jcrinstall tests
* [FELIX-1173] - Concurrency Issues while containing bundle is stopping
* [FELIX-1177] - Components must correctly be disposed off
* [FELIX-1178] - Component may remain deactivated after a reference has been unregistered and registered again
* [FELIX-1185] - If a static/mandatory reference to a service is unregistered, the component should be deactivated synchronously instead of asynchronously
* [FELIX-1195] - NullPointerException in ComponentActivatorTask if component is destroyed
* [FELIX-1238] - NPE when invoking "scr list" with no components registered
* [FELIX-1252] - NullPointerException in "scr list" command
* [FELIX-1413] - Newly registered services must not immediately bound for static references
* [FELIX-1414] - Service ranking is only obeyed on first component activation
* [FELIX-1416] - Wrong factory configuration behaviour
* [FELIX-1436] - Descriptors with duplicate implementation and/or service elements are invalid
* [FELIX-1437] - DS 1.1 signatures for activators and bind methods only available for declaration with new namespace
* [FELIX-1440] - Abort method (binder, activator) method search on non-accessible suitable methods
* [FELIX-1445] - When a component is deactivated due to the deactivation of a service to which it staticly 1..1
references, this component is not reactivated when that service is reregistered.
* [FELIX-1503] - Component Factory instances are not let gone after dispose
* [FELIX-1504] - ComponentInstance implementation is reused accross reactivations
* [FELIX-1658] - Deadlocks caused by component activation and deactivation
* [FELIX-1666] - Missing support for DS 1.1 specified lazy activation behavior
* [FELIX-1674] - typo in scr and webconsole - "unsatisifed"
* [FELIX-1714] - typo in scr command
* [FELIX-1733] - Disposed components are not removed from the component registry
* [FELIX-1825] - Configurations of delayed components are not deactivated if not used any more
* [FELIX-1826] - ComponentException must be thrown if ComponentFactory.newInstance cannot create a component instance
* [FELIX-1827] - Check permission before getting or registering services
* [FELIX-1830] - Support for DS 1.1 character property type name
* [FELIX-1832] - ServiceFactory must not be deactivated if the instances fails to be created
* [FELIX-1833] - Stopping the Felix SCR bundle may leave traces behind thus preventing the class loader from being

** 改进
* [FELIX-1186] - Defer the construction of a log message
* [FELIX-1223] - Replace ManagedService[Factory] by ConfigurationListener based component configuration
* [FELIX-1239] - AbstractComponentManager.getServiceReference need not be synchronized
* [FELIX-1313] - Declarative Services bundle should not export Configuration Admin package
* [FELIX-1314] - Restructure SCR implementation package
* [FELIX-1443] - Unify Method lookup
* [FELIX-1447] - Remove ComponentMetadata parameter from AbstractComponentManager.log method signature
* [FELIX-1530] - Extend the SCR introspection API to reflect the new DS 1.1 features
* [FELIX-1686] - Missing activate or deativate methods show up as Error in LogService
* [FELIX-1735] - Use system property to provide bundle jar file to integration tests
* [FELIX-1823] - Drop support for Framework API 1.3 (R4.0)

** 新特性
* [FELIX-924] - No component instance if no Configuration
* [FELIX-925] - Extend SCR to allow alternate activate and deactivate method signatures
* [FELIX-927] - Allow bind and unbind methods to receive the service properties
* [FELIX-928] - Allow use of wildcards in Service-Component header
* [FELIX-929] - Making name attributes optional
* [FELIX-930] - XML schema namespace change
* [FELIX-1232] - Do not use private configuration properties as service properties
* [FELIX-1284] - Support for the 'modified' operation (DS in OSGi 4.2 compendium)

** Task
* [FELIX-1711] - Remove OSGi library source from SVN and depend on official R4.2 libraries

下载地址: http://felix.apache.org/site/downloads.cgi


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