Percona XtraBackup 2.2.4 发布,MySQL 备份工具

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2014-09-13 00:00:00

Percona XtraBackup 2.2.4 发布,此版本现已提供在下载页面Percona Software Repositories


  • Percona XtraBackup 实现对 Galera GTID auto-recovery 的支持

Bugs 修复:

  • Percona XtraBackup is now built with system zlib library instead of the older bundled one. Bug fixed #1108016.

  • apt-get source was downloading older version of Percona XtraBackup. Bug fixed #1363259.

  • innobackupex would ignore the innobackupex --databases without innobackupex --stream option and back up all the databases. Bug fixed #569387.

  • rsync package wasn’t a dependency although it is required for the innobackupex --rsync option. Bug fixed #1259436.

  • innobackupex --galera-info was checking only for non-capitalized wsrep_* status variables which was incompatible with MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0. Bug fixed #1306875.

  • Percona XtraBackup would crash trying to remove absent table from InnoDB data dictionary while preparing a partial backup. Bug fixed #1340717.

  • Percona XtraBackup now supports MariaDB GTID. Bugs fixed #1329539 and #1326967 (Nirbhay Choubey).

  • MariaDB 10.1 is now added to the list of supported servers. Bug fixed #1364398.

  • Percona XtraBackup would fail to restore (copy-back) tables that have partitions with their own tablespace location. Bug fixed #1322658.

其他 bug 修复: #1333570, #1326224#1181171

 Percona XtraBackup 2.2.4 发行日志请看在线文档

XtraBackup 是一个用来备份 MySQLInnoDB 数据库的开源工具。


# ./xtrabackup --backup --target-dir=/backup/delta --incremental-basedir=/backup/base

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