Apache Ambari 1.7.0 Early Access 发布

发布于 2014年09月09日
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Apache Ambari 1.7.0 Early Access 发布,Apache Ambari是一种基于Web的工具,支持Apache Hadoop集群的供应、管理和监控。Ambari目前已支持大多数Hadoop组件,包括HDFS、MapReduce、Hive、Pig、 Hbase、Zookeper、Sqoop和Hcatalog等。


Core Platform

  • Ubuntu support

  • Ambari Views framework

  • Ambari Administration

    • Management of users/groups

    • Management of view instances

    • Management of cluster permissions

  • Cancel/Abort background operation requests

  • New Host Check: THP (Transparent Huge Pages)

  • Download Service client configs

  • Expose Ambari UI for config versioning, history and rollback

  • Ability to manage -env.sh configuration files

  • Ability to set configuration properties as <final>

  • Migration "Jobs" tab into a "Jobs View" (e.g deliver as part of Views framework)

Ambari Stacks

  • Recommendations and validations (via a "stack advisor")

Ambari Blueprints

  • Export service configurations via Blueprint

Capabilities specific to HDP Stacks

  • Install + Manage Flume

  • Capacity Scheduler queue refresh

  • HDFS Rebalance (AMBARI-5934)

  • Delete ZooKeeper Server host component

  • ResourceManager HA

该版本同时还提供一个 Docker 容器版本:Ambari 1.7.0 Docker container

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