Barman 1.3.3 发布,PG 的数据备份恢复工具

发布于 2014年08月22日
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Barman 1.3.3 发布,此版本改进了备份和监控的健壮性:

  •  "smelly backup" 控件

  • 对基础备份复制重新尝试的管理 ( "barman    backup" 和 "barman recover" 命令)


此版本还增强了系统的可用性,通过更好的异常处理,输出和日志信息,支持 PostgreSQL 8.3。

重要 bug 修复:

  • Copies "recovery.conf" during remote "barman recover" (#43)

  • Correctly detect pre/post archive hook scripts (#41)

同时也修复了其他的一些小 bug。



  • Added "last_backup_max_age", a new global/server option that    allows administrators to set the max age of the last backup in a    catalogue, making it easier to detect any issues with periodical    backup execution

  • Improved robustness of "barman backup" by introducing two    global/server options: "basebackup_retry_times" and    "basebackup_retry_sleep". These options allow an administrator to    specify, respectively, the number of attempts for a copy operation    after a failure, and the number of seconds of wait before retrying

  • Improved the recovery process via rsync on an existing directory    (incremental recovery), by splitting the previous rsync call into    several ones - invoking checksum control only when necessary

  • Added support for PostgreSQL 8.3

  • Minor changes:

    • Support for comma separated list values configuration options

    • Improved backup durability by calling fsync() on backup and WAL    files during "barman backup" and "barman cron"

    • Improved Nagios output for "barman check --nagios"

    • Display compression ratio for WALs in "barman show-backup"

    • Correctly handled keyboard interruption (CTRL-C) while    performing barman backup

    • Improved error messages of failures regarding the stop of a    backup

    • Wider coverage of unit tests

  • Bug fixes:

    • Copies "recovery.conf" on the remote server during "barman    recover" (#43)

    • Correctly detect pre/post archive hook scripts (#41)


Barman (备份和恢复管理器) for PostgreSQL 是 PostgreSQL 数据库服务器的灾难恢复工具,允许远程备份多个服务器,帮助 DBA 在数据恢复阶段的关键工作。

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