Google Chrome开发版更新至2.0.159.0,修复了严重bug

发布于 2009年01月27日
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Chrome开发版更新至2.0.159.0,修复了tab标签会突然变小,下载时会去到错误目录等严重bug。Google Chrome(谷歌浏览器)是由Google开发的一款可让您更快速、轻松且安全地使用网络的浏览器,它的设计超级简洁,使用起来更加方便.Google Chrome的特点是简洁、快速.Google Chrome支持多标签浏览,每个标签页面都在独立的“沙箱”内运行,在提高安全性的同时,一个标签页面的崩溃也不会导致其他标签页面被关闭.此 外,Google Chrome基于更强大的JavaScript V8引擎,这是当前Web浏览器所无法实现的.

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  • [r8205] Fix right-to-left (RTL) display problem in Gears dialog (Issue 6093)
  • [r8236] Fix a crash when a yellow info bar is closed while another is opnening. (Issue 6296)
  • [r8239r8432Improve scrolling on pages with many windowed plugins. (Issue 5428)
  • [r8283] Remove the about:internets page. It interferes with porting to Mac and Linux. No moar tubez. kthxbai.
  • [r8342Fix downloads going to the wrong folder and missing from the Downloads page. (Issue 6335)
  • [r8348r8349] Work continues on bug 5054, problems with window frames and the tab strip, especially on Vista. (Issue 5054)
  • [r8350] Fix a crash when clicking back on an interstitial warning page (SSL error, phishing or malware warning). (Issue 6408)
  • [r8377] Fix a problem with logging into some SSL sites (eg, (Issue 5894)
  • [r8417Fix Gears not loading sometimes. (Issue 4219)
  • [r8429] Support SECOM Trust Root CAs for EV. (Issue 4985)
  • [r8448] Download CSV files instead of displaying them. (Issue 6079)
  • [r8496Fix tabs collapsing to minimum size when you open a new tab. (Issue 65053258)
  • [r8527] Add q-values to languages in Accept-Language headers and character sets in Accept-Charset. (Issue 5899)
  • [r8544Add a way to change your mind about "never remember passwords for this site". There's an exceptions list under Options > Minor Tweaks > Passwords. (Issue 1007)
  • [r8550] Fix input method editor (IME) opening far away from the focused input box. (Issue 6252)
  • [r8569] Fix a bug with saving pages that contain a period ('.') in the title. (Issue 6105)
  • [r8578] Don't show multiple SafeBrowsing warnings if a page loads multiple unsafe resources. (Issue 591662076306)
  • [r8593] Fix a couple of RTL bugs (ellipsis in the Task Manager; strings in tables in the wrong direction). (Issue 28216132)
  • [r8598Remove 'Google Toolbar' as an option for importing bookmarks. The user experience without the ability to keep bookmarks synchronized is not good. We decided to pull this and work on a better user experience.
  • [r8604] Convert about:network to a dialog box instead of a tab. Note that the page is now broken.
New Chromium revisions in this release: 8195-8614
WebKit revision: 40164
V8 version: (r1103)
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