Monkey HTTP Daemon 1.5.3 发布

发布于 2014年08月18日
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Monkey HTTP Daemon 是一个大约只有50KB的、功能强大而且速度非常快的 Web 服务器软件,支持 Linux 系统。它采用混合网络模型和线程epoll,具备很好的可扩展性和伸缩性,支持每秒数千访问连接。

Monkey HTTP Daemon 1.5.3 发布,此版本包括了一些小的 bug 修复,代号为 Emperor Tamarin,现已提供下载


  • Scheduler: fix potential DDoS security issue when using FDT enable

  • Epoll: validate when registering connection with the Scheduler

  • Request: set correct path size when truncated

  • Request: unlink request node from global list

  • Mimetype: do not iterate off the start of the filename when looking for an extension

  • Request: don't search off the end of the body buffer for query strings

  • Utils: allocate enough space to include the null terminator when URL-decoding URLs

  • Method: correctly extract content length value from body buffer when pre-parsing

  • Mandril: fix network address reference

  • Libmonkey: do not use SO_REUSEPORT and set Mime default

  • Scheduler: on Libmonkey mode IP_CHECK, drop socket


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