Burp 1.4.16 发布,数据备份和恢复工具

发布于 2014年06月03日
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Burp 是一个用来备份和恢复数据的程序,使用 libsync 库.

Burp 1.4.16 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • A bugfix for restoring permissions on empty directories.

  • Compiles on systems that have no O_NOATIME and fdopendir(), i.e. Mac OS X.

  • FreeBSD scripting fixes.

  • In bedup, detects if a rename failed after unlinking the target file, then prints a warning and stops processing.

  • Fixes a case where an interrupted backup may not have been automatically recoverable.

  • Sets the IPTOS_THROUGHPUT bit on Windows so that burp is doing the right thing even if Windows decides to remove it

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