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NTFS-3G 2009.1.1 版本发布
红薯 2009年01月23日

NTFS-3G 2009.1.1 版本发布

红薯 红薯 发布于2009年01月23日 收藏 0 评论 0

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NTFS-3G是一个开源项目,目的是为Linxu提供NTFS的驱动程序。能够安全快速的对Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista的文件系统进行读写。


  • New: Built-in, transparent UTF-8 conversion support. This solves all the problems, described here, and even more with hidden and inaccessible filenames having national characters.
  • New: Support getting/setting the file creation timestamp on OS X.
  • Fix: An extended attribute got corrupted if the new attribute size was smaller than the original size.
  • Fix: Memory leaked if an extended attribute or alternate data stream couldn't be opened.
  • Fix: Report an error if a filename can not be listed during reading a directory.
  • Change: The 'locale=' mount option is not used anymore for filename characterset conversion. Instead filenames are always converted to UTF-8.


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