YAWIK 0.12 发布,工作和求职管理系统

发布于 2014年05月14日
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YAWIK 0.12 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • Applications are now sortable by average rating

  •  Recruiters can enable automatic confirmation of a new application

  • adds pagination to the detail view and the ability to track the origin of an application

  • allows attaching social profiles to an application (currently Facebook and Xing)

  •  Attached social profiles can be viewed in the application detail view via modal box

  •  There's been a redesign of the detail view

  • adds an auto-completion box to the list filter to select applications from a specific job

  • adds the languages FR, IT, ES, and RU

YAWIK 提供一个基于 Web 的职位和应聘管理解决方案,可输入和推送工作到系统。招聘人员和求职者可使用社交网络连接到 YAWIK。

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