Deis 0.8 发布,开源 PaaS 系统

发布于 2014年05月07日
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Deis 0.8 发布了,主要改进记录包括:


  • Cluster-wide scheduling Deis itself and apps it deploys use the fleet distributed init system for flexible scheduling across available machines.

  • Basic integration test Test your local changes, or verify your new Deis installation with the basic integration tests we've begun in the test/ directory.

  • Doc updates We added new content appropriate to our CoreOS changes to Deis' documentation, and put files in each top-level directory to help you get oriented.

  • deis create --no-remote allows creating a Deis app without adding a git remote.

  • New deis/logger New, lightweight syslogd server written in Go to handle aggregation of application logs.

  • deis/helloworld is a new Dockerfile-based example app to help you get started.

  • #deis at Joining the #deis conversation on IRC is even easier thanks to the excellent service from

  • easy-fix tag Help the Deis revolution by picking an easy-fix issue to start contributing.


  • Moved project to

  • Updated to Docker 0.10.0 (deis/builder)

  • Updated to Django 1.6.4 (deis/controller)

  • Updated to CoreOS 298.0.0

  • Implemented finite state machine for containers

  • Improved scheduling unit tests and error handling

  • deis ps is preferred to deis containers

  • Removed unused cloud provider libraries from pip install

Bug 修复

  • deis rollback works again

  • fixed 404 on deis logs

  • fixed code coverage report and badge

  • isolated PostgreSQL test suite errors on to one (skipped) method

  • filled a gap in available ephemeral port range for apps


Deis 是一个开源的 PaaS 系统,简化和 LXC 容器和 Chef 节点的发布和伸缩。可用于托管应用、数据库、中间件和其他服务。Deis 利用 Chef、DockerHeroku Buildpacks 来提供的私有 PaaS 是非常轻量级和灵活的。
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