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ChaosEsque Anthology 26 发布,第一人称射击游戏
oschina 2014年04月30日

ChaosEsque Anthology 26 发布,第一人称射击游戏

oschina oschina 发布于2014年04月30日 收藏 1 评论 0

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ChaosEsque Anthology 26 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • A new Morgenstern weapon was added.

  • The game now has 48 weapons.

  • To add more, macro code will have to be changed in qcsrc/common/item.qh

  • Rifle type bullet casings have been added, with different sizes.

  • You can tell what weapon an opponent has by the shells on the ground.

  • Weapon jam code has been fixed.

  • A new stone house has been added, which you can build with the mutitool

ChaosEsque Anthology 是一款第一人称射击游戏,独立修改了 Xonotic,对武器,地图,交通工具,可建造的建筑,mounted' weapons,spell casting,monsters,游戏者角色,textures 和游戏模式都进行了扩展。

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