GateIn 3.7.0.Final 和 GateIn 3.8.0.Beta01 发布

发布于 2014年04月26日
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GateIn 3.7.0.Final 和 GateIn 3.8.0.Beta01 发布了,下载地址: download

GateIn 3.7.0.Final 改进内容

GateIn 3.8.0.Beta01 改进内容

  • There is no JBoss AS 7 distribution any more. JBoss AS 7 was replaced with JBoss EAP 6.3.0.Alpha.
  • Page Composition API - An enhancement of the Portal Public API allowing to create and edit page content, i.e. add and remove portlets and layout containers. See the Page Composition API section of GateIn Documentation.
  • Automatic way to update all sites at once (Portal, groups and user sites). See GTNPORTAL-3328 and Working with Templates chapter of GateIn documentation.
  • Impersonation - Portal administrator can now view another user's customized dashboard/pages without logging out. See GTNPORTAL-2662 and the Impersonation chapter of GateIn documentation.
  • Experimental support for large third party JavaScript frameworks, such as Dojo. See Native AMD Modules in GateIn documentation.
  • Public Render Parameters can be now propagated to a different page. See GTNPORTAL-3369.
  • Navigation nodes can be defined with external links. See GTNPORTAL-2428 and the specification if the feature: Custom Navigaton Node Properties
  • Login validation and accounts expiration can be additionally customized. See GTNPORTAL-3402.
  • Pages can be completely hidden using check-box and date-control, see GTNPORTAL-3370.
  • General markup review and cleanup and greater alignment and consistency with W3C validation.
  • All features, bug fixes and minor enhancements are listed in GateIn 3.8.0.Beta01 Release Notes.

GateIn是一个新的开源门户平台,由RedHat JBoss和eXo平台共同打造。目标是结合强大的企业级Java基础设施和直观友好的用户界面,根据客户的需求,提供最佳的开源门户平台。

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