Task Coach 1.3.38 发布,个人事务管理

发布于 2014年04月22日
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Task Coach 1.3.38 发布了,Task Coach是一款开源的个人事务管理工具 ,并且主要针对个人的代办事项。


Bugs fixed:

  • Code signature would become invalid on OSX after the first run. (1506)

  • Task Coach wouldn't actually stop with older versions of Twisted (<11). (1505)

  • Fix Todo.txt export (1274)

  • Performance improvements.

  • In some circumstances, balloon tips would not close.

  • Locking would fail on SSHFS (1509)

  • Fix CSV export for some setups. (1510)

Features added:

  • Always use "/" as path separator in relative attachment file names. (https://taskcoach.uservoice.com/admin/forums/26465-desktop-version-windows-linux-mac-of-task-coach/suggestions/5721924-use-slash-instead-backslash-on-attachment-file-pat)

  • New hierarchical calendar viewer.

  • Efforts and notes are always enabled.

  • Display categories in tooltip. (https://taskcoach.uservoice.com/admin/forums/26465-desktop-version-windows-linux-mac-of-task-coach/suggestions/5727692-tooltips-for-grid-cells-with-too-long-contents-to)

  • The tooltip is now always enabled.

  • Manual reordering of tasks, categories and notes. (http://taskcoach.uservoice.com/forums/26465-desktop-version-windows-linux-mac-of-task-coach/suggestions/289031-better-control-over-task-order)

Dependency changed:

  • Minimal Twisted version is now 10.0.

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